AMD Processors

 AMD lvanlys.dll Loading Issue

There is a bug in Labview running on AMD processors. It has been fixed in v2020 but we currently use v2017. The problem is actually with the loading of lvanlys.dll and Windows make the wrong call so we have to tell it the correct value. We tried to fix it in our install but that caused other issues so we are still trying to resolve it. However, you can manually fix it by –

1) Add a new environmental variable in Windows: Control Panel » System » Advanced System Settings » Advanced » Environment Variables » System variables (the bottom part of the dialog) » New
2) Put MKL_DEBUG_CPU_TYPE as Variable name
3) Put 4 or 5 as Variable value
4) Confirm OK multiple times to close all dialogs
5) (A Windows restart might be needed.)

Everything should work fine.


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