Software Revision History

4.6999 9 Jan 2018

Fixed up issues with sequence display, saving and loading for .apc, binary and text files. 

4.6998 30 Nov 2016

-Added Log/Linear buttons for both amplitude axis on Spectrum display. This is good for showing impedance over decades. Added ability to plot either Resr, Q/D Factor or Phase on right hand side axis of Impedance, Capacitance or Inductance plots. Fixed up problem loaded FRA response from a file. 

4.6997 14 Oct 2016

- Minor Update to fix Circuit Configuration not active if CS1070 being used in 1R mode. Made LC tracer display in Ohms only. Requires firmware 6469 to control the CS1070. Fixed Amplitude being set to 10mV if in PSU Gain/Phase, and amplitude sweep not Auto.

4.6996 - 18 June 16

- added FRA LC cursor which displays L or C value on an impedance plot.

4.6995 - 15 June 16

- improved the a FRA interpolate array A/B to fill more correctly, and also to take into account repeated capture, and not clear the array at the start of every capture. Fixed up a problem with unwrap phase that meant you couldn't see the phase of a single capture after running the scan.

4.6994 - 14 June 16

- added ability to route the digital inputs to either or both Chan A and Chan B for spectrum display. Added FRA signal information. Added Signal Information for FRA, DDE and logging to text or excel file.

4.6992 - 31 May 16

- big overhaul of FRA state system to make acquisition faster and more reliable. Dealt with errors at the start of the scan, and now choose bandwidths so we handle 1 and 2 starting numbers properly. Fixed up FRA Unwrap Phase so it works properly. Tried to make a better estimator for the Auto Amplitude. Made a method to convert the auto amplitude into a table. Changed the FRA control panel to make it clearer.

4.699 12 Jan 16

. Fixed up double save when Auto Save is ON and Auto Get is ON. Also stopped Sig Gen Display from opening during Auto Open.

4.698 part 2, 27 Oct 15

. Improved the Frequency sweep list so that frequencies are on BW boundaries. Updated BW to allow for 10, 20, 50 and 100 steps per decade. Fixed up Inductance and Capacitance values so they are not scaled by the phase angle. Fixed up a permanent offset in the Frequency graph.

4.698 part 1, 3 July 15

- Made it so you could stop the FRA mid scan. Made it so changing values on the signal generator would not cause a crash. Looked into why the persistence changed colour if you did Addref while acquiring.

4.697 5 June 15

- Fixed a problem with time duration >1 sec causing the time axis to keep on increasing. It was fonts in the end. Now fixed.

4.696 13 Jan 2015

Minor Update to fix Probe and Reference compensation not being used on the second and subsequent sweeps for a repeated sweep when using the FRA. Requires firmware 6469 to control the CS1070.

4.695 22 Dec 2014

Major Update includes new FRA control pages specific to Power Supply use - PSU Gain/Phase, PSU PSRR, PSU Output Impedance and PSU Input Impedance. Integrates the CS1070 power amp. Improves help and user control. See the FRA page. Requires firmware 6469 to control the CS1070. Intermediate versions 4.693 and 4.694 were similar, but further help and FRA diagram improvements were added to create 4.495.

4.692 18 Sep 2014

Minor Update allows two linked Cleverscopes to be used with two instances of the Cleverscope App (rename one of them) and set one to Master, and other to Slave via Settings/Acquisition Settings/Link Output.

4.691 17 July 2014

Update to Automatic Capture performance. Improves the update rate for 1-20 second capture periods. Allows Auto capture of 10+ seconds. Requires new firmware 6468 to be installed. Improves the FRA BW estimation when using <10 Hz starting frequency.

4.690 29 June 2014

Update to FRA capability - added low impedance shunt measurement capability for measuring impedance down to 1 mOhm - useful for PCB ground and power plane measurement. Improved the auto amplitude estimation method to reduce phase noise.

4.689 20 May 2014

Update to FRA capability - added probe and jig compensation storage. Added Persistence to Spectrum. Can now select which plot to trace. Fixed loading and saving of FRA plot to disk. Includes ability to stop scroll wheel use when PicKit used. Fixed NaN freq display which stops cursor from working. Added FRA Open Circuit capacitance compensation.

4.688 29 Apr 2014

Update to FRA capability - added jig compensation storage.

4.686 17 Mar 2014

Stream update - includes selection of stream to export. Includes Sampling Clock stability selection.

4.685 29 Jan 2014

Minor Update: updated the Cleverscope Application to improve auto ranging for FRA amplitude.

4.684 20 Jan 2014

Minor Update: updated the Cleverscope Application so it controls Excel 2013 correctly when logging signal information.

4.683 14 Jan 2014

Major Update. New: Includes FRA control panel for plotting Amplitude, Gain/Phase, Impedance, Capacitance and Inductance Plots. Useful for testing Power Supplies, amplifiers, and characterizing components. Uses full 65Mhz range of CS701 sig gen. Requires firmware update to 6466 for CS701 control. Please report bugs - there is much that is new!

4.682 18 Nov 2013

Major Update. New: Includes Streaming capture of up to 300 G samples to disk. Set Sample Rate in Settings/Acquisition Settings. Set storage location in File Options. Includes control and calibration for CS701 Sig Gen. Requires firmware update to 6466 for CS701 control. 4682 fixes a fault in 4681 while loading pre 4681 .apc files. Go to the video page to see how Streaming to disk works. Streaming supports sample rates of 250 sps to 1.5 Msps.

4.681 14 Nov 2013

Major Update. New: Includes Streaming capture of up to 300 G samples to disk. Set Sample Rate in Settings/Acquisition Settings. Set storage location in File Options. Includes control and calibration for CS701 Sig Gen. Requires firmware update to 6466 for CS701 control. Go to the video page to see how Streaming to disk works. Streaming supports sample rates of 250 sps to 1.5 Msps.

4.674 13 Sep 2013

New 'View/Displays are Docked' command. Check this option, and all windows will move together relative to the Cleverscope Control Panel. Minimize the Control Panel, and all windows will close. Restore Control Panel, and all previously open windows will restore. Also improved Get Frame number of samples to be exact when dt>10ns. Improved some displays so we display greater than the requested number of samples to fill the display. Needs firmware 6465 for the Get Frame improvement only.

4.673 17 July 2013

Improvement to dual trigger usage. Now can trigger off trig 1 ~ trig 2 period where the definition of trigger 2 is exactly the same as trigger 1, for example rising edge to rising edge at the same threshold.

4.672 10 June 2013

New features of the signal generator: Auto Step button to transfer Spectrum resolution into Sig Gen. Steps/decade drop to reduce number of signal generator sampling points. Start Sweep automatically resets Peak Average. Sweep amplitude method added to allow adaptive sig Gen amplitude control when doing Gain/Phase plot. Averaging dialog includes Interpolation check box for interpolating between steps. Spectrum graph includes two new buttons FRA 0 dB and FRA -3 dB which set markers to 0 dB and 0 deg phase, or + and - 3 dB points on a gain/phase plot. Also displays FRA Figure of Merit which gives coherence between stimulus and response for Gain/Phase. These additions are very useful for use in power supply stability gain/phase plots.

4.671 8 May 2013

Signal Generator now includes a 'Auto Step' button which sets the step size to be the same as the current Spectrum resolution - which improves amplitude accuracy. Sweep Synchronous now has 50 and 200 step options, which step decimated to step size, but interpolate 50 or 200 steps (either linear or log). If in Synchronous step mode, Gain/Phase now interpolates from one point to the next, and updates only those points with high coherence. This is very useful for use in power supply stability gain/phase plots.

4.670 13 Mar 2013

New: user defined transfer size for displays (10K samples default) - see Acquisition Settings. This allows you to set the effective sample rate by using graph time width/number of samples. dT is shown in displays. Note: You MUST Update the firmware to 6463+ using the Rom Loader

4.669 17 Dec 2012

New 'Maximum' update rate, good for 70 Hz. Small improvement to Trigger LED combo on control panel. Note: You MUST Update the firmware using the Rom Loader

4.668 11 Dec 2012

Fixes: Increased display update rate to 50 Hz (on a fast PC). Improved triggering so there are no lost triggers for waveforms of between 10 and 25 Hz.

4.667 15 Aug 2012

Fixes: Improves Full buffer load in the rare case where later modifications to the signal set cause the file save to lose full buffer information.

4.666 7 Aug 2012

Fixes: Imnproves calibration on some units with large offset. Includes new Rom Loader 6.7 which automatically finds the connection (and overrides the connection if you click Choose USB/Ethernet). Now Reads/writes cmf files going back to Quick USB versions. Find Rom Loader by clicking on Start Menu, and then navigating to Cleverscope/Cleverscope ROM Loader.

4.665 19 June 2012

Fixes: Full zoom while still in triggered mode is re-enabled. Improvements to switching between Triggered and Auto. Pulse width now works with single pulses. Full buffer Maths for single result values now work over the whole buffer, rather than in 100k sampple lots.

4.664 8 May 2012

Adds extra display methods for the Tracer and Marker Cursors. Now you can have a plot locked spot, horizontal or vertical cursor for the tracer, or you can use the Markers to make fixed position horizontal or vertical lines. Use the Control Panel Cross hair tool to move the lines. This tool doubles as the annotation tool when clicked away from the Marker line.

4.662 4 Apr 2012

Adds playback of sequences. Includes update to Classic CS328 firmware for 4.662 compatibility. You can use standard save/open or save/open binary. To Load a sequence into memory, set the drop down next to Get Frame to 'Seq' and click Get Frame.

4.661 29 Mar 2012

Implements saving, loading and viewing sequences. You can use standard save/open or save/open binary. NOTE: you must use firmware 6456 or later to use this update. To Load a sequence into memory, set the drop down next to Get Frame to 'Seq' and click Get Frame. Follow the instructions in the update PDF on installing the firmware.

4.659 7 Feb 2012

Adds a new 'Count' process to Maths for counting pulses. It also adds a new drop down 'Time Info' to choose between waveform and pulse information in the Signal Information display. NOTE: you must use firmware 6456 or later to use this update. Follow the instructions in the update PDF on installing the firmware.

4.658 20 Jan 2012

Gets rid of a remnant protocol decode. Allows Acquisition unit to work over slow or long latency connections such as USB 1.1 or internet connections with greater reliability.

4.657 29 Nov 2011

Fixes a problem with digital graph being pushed left or right when turning protocol on or off with a Digital Input name longer than 8 characters.

4.656 22 Nov 2011

Allows the user to preview and set the colours for the graph background. Improves menu item names. Improves the simulated sig gen for demo usage. Fixes a problem with cursors on the digital graph not remembering where they should be.

4.654 26 Oct 11

IMPORTANT: we have changed the format of the Matlab support functions cscope1/4.m. We took this decision to provide for greater utility in the future. We have added variables for the Trigger Time (in real time, 10 ns resolution), and the Frame number. We hope to make these useful in the future. You will need to update your .m gateway functions. Click the Help button on the Maths Equation Builder for further information. We have implemented a 'Clear Cache' button on the Maths Equation Builder, which clears the Matlab cache, and rebuilds it. Use this button after changing an .m file. We have implemented two new processes - Sum and Difference. These processes simply output a running sum (starting with 0) of the values in the input channel. Fixes a bug with calibration not working in 4.653.

4.653 20 Oct 2011

Fixes a bug to correctly transfer a full frame to Matlab via the Maths graph. Adds a button 'Auto Get', which automatically gets a full frame on every capture. With Maths set to Full Buffer, Maths will therefore automatically process full frame captures. Full frame captures can also be saved on trigger, or after a time duration.

4.652 31 Aug 2011

This release fixes a bug in Maths so that channels C and D are correctly preserved as temporary storage channels during Maths operation. Also fixed a bug where the Normal/Large digital graph size was not applied to the Maths graph.

4.651 5 Mar 2011

This release includes a signed Classic CS328 driver, and signed installer. Otherwise the same as 4650 - Updated front panel look, controls re-organized a little to improve access speed, Matlab process in the Maths (click on the Help button in the Maths Equation Builder - also be sure to select the Matlab .m files directory). We now have automatic file conversion from .apc to .bin, and we can handle wither spaces or underlines in the file name. If you update the firmware, we add peak-peak decimation automatically if the Channel Filter button is OFF, and the time resolution is >=20ns. The new ROM Loader uses a single unified file to hold all versions of the acquisition unit firmware, so you can't get it wrong. Good luck!

4.650 21 Feb 2011

The release version which offers: Updated front panel look (we hope you'll get used to it!), Matlab processes (Click on the Help button in the Maths Equation Builder. Be sure to set the Matlab .m file directory (or nothing will happen). This version adds peak-peak capture before the decimator, so you can see 10ns pulses in a 20 second record. If Filter is 'Off' peak-peak capture is used if the Resolution is >=20ns. If Filter is 'On' (even if no filters are selected in the Acuisition Settings', sampled capture is used. We include a new Rom Loader with improved bullet-proofness. Currently released for update and evaluation. The full install will follow shortly.

4.649 25 Oct 2010

This should be a version jump, but we are stuck at 4649 while getting chart out of Beta test. This version has some minor tweaks, and adds Maths matlab processes. You can now pass signals to Matlab for processing and have the result come back for display or saving. Click on the Help button in the Maths Equation Builder. Be sure to set the Matlab .m file directory (or nothing will happen). We have released for evaluation, update and full versions. We have also updated the software driver to version 2.4. This provides improved use of the Function command to support calibration under your own software system. We have also added an example of sequential capture in a text based language (Labwindows, but will be extended to Visual Studio soon).

4.649 24 Dec 2009

This version implements narrow band spectral analysis, with up to 2M samples in the FFT. This allows 50 Hz resolution in a 50 MHz bandwidth. It also does full buffer loading automatically if the protocol decoder data set needs to grow to allow decoding on long message streams. We include two worked examples, including descriptive .pdf's and a YouTube video in the Examples page.

4.647 29 Sep 2009

This version fixes the calibration faults that have been affecting a few users. This version will use both the old and the new calibration tables, and so there is no need to re-calibrate. Recalibrating an older system (Once Yearly followed by Standard calibration) will improve accuracy. You MUST load the latest firmware into the unit, which is included in the Executable/xx Firmware directory. This version includes a clearer 'Cscope Update Instructions.pdf'.

4.646 16 Sep 2009

This is a version to fix a fault in the sig gen calibration for the Classic CS328. It includes pictures to show you where to find the built in 2.048V reference, which is in from the External Trigger BNC. To use this version, you MUST load firmware 6443 (CS328A) or 5335 (Classic CS328) or cscope_lan 6442 (Ethernet). Then you need to do a Once Yearly calibration (follow the instructions on the Settings/Calibrate Clverscope dialog), followed by a Standard Cal. Best CS328 offsets are achieved with the 20 Mhz filter on. Good luck!

4.645 12 Sep 2009

This version improves the calibration system, and reduces error. To use it you must load the included firmware into your Cleverscope, and then carry out a Once Yearly Calibration, followed by a Standard Calibration. Errors in the range 0- +/- 2.5V should be uV level. Uses the full bit resolution, if it is available. Note that we have moved the firmware into two sub-folders (Ethernet firmware and USB firmware) to save confusion. This version also improves the time logged with Information Display logs to text or excel files.

4.644 31 Aug 2009

This version adds persistence. You have independant control of persistence on each graph, and by channel. You can also use persistence to add a reference signal for comparison purposes. Note that if persistence is turned on for one channel, the persistence system starts, and the other channel is automatically set to 'Hide'. Have a play! We have also improved the sig gen controls slightly - the actual output frequency is now displayed, and if you set the Frequency step to 0, the value will revert to the smallest frequency step available. For >100 this is about 190 mHz, and for below 100 Hz, it is about 3 mHz.

4.642 3 July 2009

This new version improves the calibration process, resulting in higher gain accuracy and reduced offsets. To carry out a full calibration, you will need first to do a Yearly Calibration, and then a Standard Calibration. See the Settings/Calibration dialog for instructions. We have also added a new front-end filtering mechanism. You can now use either or both of a 20 Mhz pre-filter, and a moving average filter (with time constants from 40ns to 1.28us) in the incoming signal stream. We have modified the resolution system so that you can determine the resolution to transfer signals in independant of the ADC used. The ADC resolution is now also displayed. See the Settings/Acquisition Settings... dialog. You will see resolution enhancements if you use the filters, or the waveform averaging Display Method. This version also corrects a fault in the repetitive waveform filter which resulted in reduced effective bandwidth when measuring signals in the 1 Mhz to 10 Mhz range. Higher frequency signals were not affected. You will need to load the latest firmware to take full advantage of these new features. Note: The classic CS328 does not support moving average filtering. There is not enough room. IMPORTANT: we have a new method of updating existing installations. Please follow the instructions in the Updating pdf contained in the compressed folder.

4.639. 24 April 2009

This new version corrects a bug in the evaluation version which stopped the simulated sig gen from updating the spectrum, tracker and maths graphs. This has been fixed. We have also improved the simulated sig gen so that it can be used to check out deep memory, and high frequency signal use. It remains real-time - change amplitude to see triggering, for example. However, the simulated sig gen can't do dual trigger, or digital triggering. (If you want to look at examples of digital triggering go to our Examples page, and download the protocol analysis example). The update has also been refreshed so if you are evaluating with 4.637 or 4.638, get the update to reduce download time. Copy to the ..Program Files/Cleverscope directory.

4.637. 5 April 2009

New version which supports new Period-Count and OR trigger methods. Supports DC sweep for signal generator. Unifies the text file format used when logging or save as text. The microsoft excel format for time is now used to specify the trigger time (days since 1 Jan 1900). Includes updated binaries for both CS328 (fixes protocol decoder, adds trigger time, and is faster than 5332) and CS328A (includes new trigger methods). Reduced trigger jitter. The Save methods now enforce the correct file type suffix.

4.635. 12 Feb 2009

Fixes these faults - Logger (Signal Info/Show Logging) now works with Excel 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003, 2007. Application no longer left hanging if there is no Excel installed. Increased the oversampling used during protocol analysis to improve reliability. DDE link help can now be copy and pasted. A number of tool tips have been improved. The update now includes instructions on how to install the Ethernet I/O module, and how to configure it.

4.634. 13 Jan 2009

Major release. You will need to update the Cleverscope binary using the new Rom Loader v5.0 (included in the update) with cscope_fw6434.csf This release supports Prototcol (for SPI, Uart and I2C), improved Maths Processes (see the help), improved multi-frame capability (you can capture 300 SPI packets for example, as 300 frames, and examine each of them), and protocol save to Notes. You can copy and paste Notes into Excel with formatting. This version also supports the Ethernet I/O module. NOTE: you will need the Visa driver installed to use the new Rom Loader. See the document 'Cleverscope install USB driver.pdf' in the update.

4.631. 29 Oct 2008

This version implements calibration for the Digital inputs, and External trigger (for CS328A only till next iteration). It includes full buffer Maths, and Maths on Spectrum results. The protocol analyser is still beta, and results are not yet saved - please be patient. Any comments welcome! (This version also gets rid of the text entry fields obscuring the graph vertical controls).

4.630. 27 Aug 2008

This version has had extensive internal upgrades to improve memory usage. In tandem we have released a new set of device drivers, and programming examples for the Windows Visual Studio C++, C#, Borland Delphi and CBuilder, and NI Labview and Labwindows CVI environments. The version includes a beta version of the protocol decoder.

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