Analog Probe 100x 250MHz, 1.5kVrms


The CS1002 Analog probe is a 100x 250 MHz oscilloscope probe.


Item Performance
Attenuation Ratio 1:100
Bandwidth DC to 250 MHz
Rise Time 1.4 ns
Input Resistance 100 MΩ
Input Capacitance 5.5 pF
Compensation Range 10 to 35 pF
Working Voltage Cat II:1.5kV, 2kV DC
Safety Meets IEC1010-1 Cat II.
Cable Length 1.3 m

Accessories that are included with probe are:Channel Identifier Clip, Sprung Hook, Ground lead, Insulating Tip, Adjusting Tool, Measuring Tip, Sprung Earth Tip.

PRICE $USD 54.00


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