More about Cleverscope

Cleverscope has been designing and manufacturing test equipment since 2004. We are based in Auckland, New Zealand. We make PC hosted, USB/Ethernet connected test equipment.

Our flagship mixed signal CS548 uses state of the art 14 bit ADC's running at 500 MSPS, with 250M Samples storage, 65 MHz signal generator, and software to implement Oscilloscope, Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyser, FRA, Digital Logic Analyser and Protocol Analyser functions.

Design Philosophy

Our goal at Cleverscope is 'Fitness for purpose'. We like to think that we should make stuff that competes well with Tek and Keysight. We do pride ourselves on trying to make equipment that works, is reliable, and is easy to use. Any suggestions or help much appreciated!


Our circuit boards are assembled in a modern RoHS compliant ISO9001 and UL certified facility by Triode Group.

We have a Cleverscope RoHS compliance statement available


The Cleverscope CS328A and CS320A have been tested to comply with the CE directives on Electromagnetic Compatibility (89/336/EEC) and Low Voltage (73/23/EEC).

You can find the Cleverscope CE certificate of conformity here


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