H Pascual, Ludwigsburg, Germany

29 June 2023. Cleverscope is a great tool  for measuring half-bridges and characterising switching losses of its power semiconductors; 

Z Zhang, Mahle, Germany

19 Dec 2019.  Recently we purchased an CS448 for measurements with power electronics and the outcomes are really satisfying! 

Karl, Young & Franklin

16 Sep 2019. 

The CS448 is a great product. I have been working in the motor drive development industry for many years. The CS448 is allowing me to see things clearly which I have never been able to see before.

Dan, USA

9 Aug 2019. I’ve already used the CS448 to look at the upper gate drive of a dual H bridge step motor controller (with external MOSFETs).  The clamp on ferrites did reduce the ringing but the measurement capabilities are amazing.  For the first time I can really see what is going on! 

The CS448 opens up a whole new range of measurements, such as motor driver validation, AC-DC power supply debug (see what is happening on both AC and DC sides at the same time), low level sensor measurements (floating channel breaks the GND loop) and so on.

Please know that your hard work is really appreciated!

A, Sümegi, Hungary

14 Mat 2019

The group I work in at Bosch owns a CS448 and a CS328-XSE. We love using the CS448. 

C Cojocaru, Solantro, Canada

5 Feb 2019.

We received the unit a while ago and we have tested
it on a GaN half-bridge eval board operating at up to 500V.
Everything looks good, I believe CS448 is a great addition to our lab.

A Smithies, Pertronic, New Zealand

15 Jan 2019

Our new CS448 is great. No, really great! What the acquisition unit brings in capability from having so much ground isolation and CMRR is in a league of its own. Can't say enough for it.

We have been working with very high impedance measurements and the FRA setup requires very good common mode rejection to determine the small difference between the probes. In the CS448 world, impedance measurements is so much better. One probe directly across the current sense resistor and the other probe directly across the DUT.  Input the two channels to the gain/phase spectrum tool and the impedance computes directly! 

J Pascual, BSHG (Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH), Spain

23 Nov 2018

One year ago, the entire team decided to buy a CS448 Isolated Channel Oscilloscope because this new device and its technical specifications were very promising. I've been using it for almost a year to measure and test power converters (half and full bridges) and power semiconductor devices and I have a very good impression. The independent isolated channels and the measure with passive probes had opened a world of new possibilities. So, many congratulations for this new oscilloscope, its promising design and all the documentation, articles and videos you have provided.

Thank you so much for the development of this novel unit

Alastair Smart, Australia

21 Aug 2018

Referring to the  CS448:  

"All is good, many good successful measurements made!"

C Elliot, UK

21 Mar 2018

See http://www.smartpowersolutions.com/new-isolated-scope-for-the-lab/

We are great believers in investing in our lab equipment to make us efficient but always have to keep an eye on costs. Being a modest size outfit ourselves, we are also keen on supporting the small guys out there. When one of our scopes recently failed and it was uneconomic to repair, we therefore had a good look round for what was available from both the big T&M outfits and the smaller independent ones. Not only did we want 4 analogue channels with decent memory depth but also preferably higher resolution than a standard scope and digital logic inputs. At the same time we had been finding that making power switching measurements at high DC voltages was becoming increasingly difficult especially with more modern (faster) transistor technologies. Thus we also wanted something with very low coupling capacitance to earth and preferably isolated inputs, We were amazed to find a unit which met all our requirements by buying the PC based CS448 from NZ based based Cleverscope. Our technical partner was particularly impressed with the care and thought that has gone into the all important front-end of the product and their money back guarantee was the final clincher. The first job the unit was used for was to look at detailed gate drive waveforms on a high power SiC based inverter system. The results were very impressive indeed with very clean waveforms showing the expected “miller effect” waveforms that were previously covered in noise. They even had some custom x200 probes made so we could do power switching waveform measurements at higher DC bus voltages!! No we don’t have any vested interest in those clever chaps in NZ but when you see something you like you should let others know…


10 Mar 2018. Just writing to let you know the Cleverscope CS320 FRA is working very well for us and is being used to do tests we could never do before.

The Excel spreadsheet is part of a larger report where the Cleverscope was used to measure stability in an op amp circuit that has been notoriously difficult to get stable.  Now, with the FRA, we get good insight into the phase/gain margins.

For the same project we needed to look at the Z and ESR of various capacitors.  Again, Cleverscope to the rescue + the FRA fixture. As an aside, take a look at the difference between ceramic and lytic caps – never ceases to amaze me.

Michael Linden, USA

Of all the organizations I've ever worked with, as an engineer or otherwise, Cleverscope has the best support.

Chris Turner, Australia

10 May 2017. Cleverscope STREAMING “WOW” this is engineering gold Bart, seriously great work you’ve done…

“I’m well impressed”

Robert Bolanos, USA

6 Jul 2016. I am writing to let you know that the FRA has been working fine. I have played with it extensively and I have not found any problems, it has been very stable. Thank you for adding the LC button to the impedance trace where it displays the inductor and capacitance work very well.

Chris Turner, Australia

10 May 2016. Cleverscope STREAMING “WOW” this is engineering gold Bart, seriously great work you’ve done…

“I’m well impressed”

Robert Tyrer, USA

24 Feb 2016. We find more uses for your box daily. Great tool!

Darren Hopcroft, USA

31 Mar 2015. Let me first thank you profusely for making my life a ton easier. Not only did you fix the SW issue I was having (one in which I would never have been able to figure out on my own), but you have prevented me from having to continue taking FRA measurements the long and hard way with a scope, a separate signal generator, and an isolation transformer. So my work life is now easier and this testing takes significantly less time and setup that I can now work on other things. Thanks you so much sir. I applaud your company’s work on such an innovative product.

Robert Brown, New Zealand

7th Nov 2014. I spoke to Bart earlier this week about my non-functional CS328A. He told me to send it to you, which I did. Today I received the unit back, repaired, free of charge. This is simply exceptional service and I greatly appreciate it. The Cleverscope is a great piece of kit and to have such responsive and helpful support behind it makes it even better. Thanks a million!

Michal Zurowski and Kinga Bialek, Poland

11 Oct 2014. Thank you for the great product including the equally great Windows app (hopefully on Linux in the future?) that we use for 8 or 9 years already.

Doede Douma, Germany

19 September 2014 Thanks for swift answer! Much appreciate the great tech support and good web pages and manuals. This makes your products clearly a better experience than many other USB scope solutions. Great application note, I am always keen to see how others do their measurements. I like the tip of off setting the DC over the injection resistor!

John Larsen - USA

12 September 2014 We're actually looking into upgrading (adding your new 65 MHz function generator) the first CleverScope that we purchased (that one has all the options) and maybe placing an order for a second, full load CleverScope. We're also really impressed with that scope now having the abiltiy to do impedance measurements as well ... that function will get a lot of use around our lab.

Robert Bolanos, US

25 May 2014. The Spectrum Add Ref feature is awesome. It is useful to have multiple plots showing that the supply converter will remain stable under all load and input voltage condition. Keep up the great work you are doing on the Cleverscope FRA. I have been using the Cleverscope FRA and has been working very well and I am very happy with it.

Antony Boon, Switzerland

28th May 2014 Great to be informed by email of your new updates.
Quite happy with the cleverscope and its performing as I would expect from a good instrument. Nice to see that you’re continually improving your product and especially that you’re improving the FRA part.
The reason why I bought your cleverscope was for the FRA alone and now I also have another scope and low-frequency spectrum analyser. It is quite useful for me as a scope as well and have already put that to use on some projects. I design power supplies and power conversion equipment and wanted an FRA but was not so willing to fork out 15k on one.

Colin Donaldson, New Zealand

27 Jan 14. The isolated sig gen is working out brilliantly for looking at our converter loop responses.

Ed Sickmann, New Zealand

Still find the clever scopes are the best investment I made in scopes to date , both my original CS328 and the CS328A (XSE) are powered 24/7 and are going strong.

amsmart, Australia

10th July 2013 BTW, I’m extremely happy with the Cleverscope hardware and software - my other two DSOs now gather dust!. (from a forum post)

Greg Olson, USA

3 July 2013 - I love your product!

Michal Zurowski

28 June 13 - I bought my unit in 2006 or 2007 and I am still using it frequently. In my opinion Cleverscope definitely was (at the time) the best product of this kind that I knew about. In almost all respects it still is, perhaps assuming the 100MS/s and 8MS buffer are sufficient for a given application. In particular its flexible design, outstanding quality (both HW & SW) - at least from the user's point of view and the fact that one is able to update (and upgrade!) it so easily make it an amazing product.

Robert Bolanos, USA

19 June 2013 - I want to thank Bart for his time and hard work for adding the FRA feature to his Cleverscope. This with out a doubt, brings the price of a FRA within the budget of small companies, consultants, and hobbyist. This is a serious piece of equipment that a self employed engineer can pack his Cleverscope scope in his briefcase, travel to a customer site and have in his hand an oscilloscope and FRA at his disposal at a very affordable price.

Dirk Handzic, Sweden

18 Dec 2012 - I am very satisfied with the Cleverscope and I will recommend our customer to buy some for production testing and engineering too.

Paul Holthuizen, Netherlands

9 May 2012 - I find my Cleverscope one of my best investments. And the LAN upgrade I got last year made it even more versatile!

Al McRobbie, USA

16th December 2011 - Cleverscope is a little ‘bright spot’ here at Saelig because it’s a real joy to work with. We have virtually a 100% customer satisfaction rate with your scopes, and I have grown very comfortable with setting them up pre-testing them prior to shipping out. Every single one of them has performed well.

Michael Borthwick, Australia

13 Dec 11 - I did a technical tour of the Australian Synchrotron a couple of weeks ago and saw quite a few Cleverscopes in the equipment racks monitoring various parameters. Very impressive and something you should consider making some propaganda about.

Paul Holthuizen, Netherlands

12 Dec 2011 - [With regards to the Ethernet interface] It works great. Very nice solution: having the galvanic isolation and having the possibility to run Cleverscope on my 2560x1600 desktop while monitoring something on the workbench elsewhere! Thank you for a fine product and the good support!

Ed Sickmann, New Zealand

3 Oct 2011 - "Still love that scope and the old 328 is still working fine on Win7 Ultimate / 64 ….. Best scope investment I ever made."

Ron Boyd, USA

29 Sep 2011 - "I've been a user of Cleverscope for a few months now and really impressed with the product. "

John Larson, USA

25 Mar 2011 - "Only one word to describe your Cleverscope ... Impressive!"

Dirk Schmid, Germany

17th Feb 2011 - "I am a happy user of my cleverscope CS328A".

Richard Barker, USA

17 Feb 2011 - "It's a great product and a valuable tool for us".

BrianM (from the forum), USA

9 Dec 2010 - "The Cleverscope/netbook combination worked beautifully ..... All in all, you folks produce an incredibly flexible and easy to use piece of equipment."

Roger Dunn, Australia

29 Jul 2010 - "The Cleverscope has been a saviour on many occasions, with years of successful operation. I work with very small signals and can look for mV and MHz - a fantastic combination for noise and switching power supplies".

Bruce McBean, Australia

3 Aug 2010 - "We have been delighted with our Cleverscope and using it every day. Our Cleverscope gets LOTS of use while our poor Tektronix 2246A sits lonely on the shelf much of the time".

Ben Spaun, USA

2 Dec 2009 "Cleverscope works great - Ben Spaun, Harvard University"

Jonathan Sullivan, UK

8 Mar 2010 - "Its interesting, we are facing the CS device off against a £35k NI PXI system. The CS seems to me to be faster to use and more productive for work like we do. We're using all the tools, fast acquisition, deep buffer capture, detailed inspection, phase & spectrum inspection, automated file generation, maths builder, alias protection, signal documentation, automated 'signal info'.etc. You know the product well. My point is that we are deploying these tools quickly to make decisions in an expensive, time limited and stressful environment".

Adam, Poland

27 Dec 2009 - "We are right now making homologation tests of ours new braking system. Cleverscope was outstanding - making measurement of braking system time reaction -after putting foot on brake pad and getting hydraulic pressure in brake cylinders. Feature allowing to check time from trigger point to chosen point on curve is just thing as we needed.
Best regards and wishes to you and Cleverscope team".

Bruno (from the forum)

7 Oct 2009 - "Thank you very much for your help. It was exactly what I needed and luckily 2998 frames are enough for a prototype. I tested it today and it solved my problem. Thanks again."

Tony Hooley, UK

5 Aug 2009 - "Job well done. I'll certainly recommend the product. More power to your elbows".

JCH2k - Forum post

29 Jan 2009 - "thank you! thank you!
the new software does exactly what i wanted!
now i know, what i was paying for!
a happy cleverscope user!"

Saelig, USA

14 July 2009 - "I had a call about the Ethernet-equipped CS328A-XS unit -- things went very well and he's quite impressed with the unit - "head and shoulders above all the competition in that price class". I think that's a pretty decent response from a customer."

Karl Imhof, USA

25 June 2009 - "Cleverscope is still the best out there, keep up the good work !!!!!"

Doug Traeger, USA

4 June 2009 - "I just want to mention again that you guys have a great product and you support it well".

Popo Pepe, Czech Republic

3 June 2009 - "I have CS328A. Nice work".

Axel, Germany

21 May 2009 - "beyond doubt, another grand release! Indeed, it is much faster now. Great, great, great..."

Eric (from the forum)

24 March 2009 - "I just want to say that the I2C decoding on the Cleverscope just saved me a whole lot of debugging time. With the decoding I quickly noticed that I was sending out the wrong address and within a couple of minutes I had it working correctly. Keep up the good work."


Thank you for your helpful notes in the E-Mail. I did the update today, and things are working great !!!! Software and firmware are now the latest and working great !!! Thanks again for your help. Keep up the great work on this product. This oscilloscope is the best !!!!

Robert Peteuil

I have received my CS328A and LOVE it (I have basically upgraded it with almost every feature and add-on available). Saelig was also great to work with!

Spiro Poulis

By the way, the scope is amazing and truly 'clever'. Well worth the price!

Colin Donaldson

finding the cleverscope to be invaluable in chasing down power electronic problems, can capture switching over many cycles of the mains, yet zoom in to see the device switching detail and timing

John Wynen

I bought my Cleverscope 2 years ago and really like working with the unit.

Michael J. Linden

I find your CS328A to be a very nice product, perhaps the best in its market segment. extract from Embedded Muse 3rd January 2012 Michael J. Linden responded to my calls for input on USB scopes: "I've been using a CleverScope CS328A USB MSO for a few years now and my decision to purchase it over some less expensive units has been validated time and time again. "This is a 100 MHz USB MSO with two analog channels, eight digital channels (nine if you include the external trigger which can be displayed along with the other digital channels), and 4 mega-points of memory. The sampling rate is 100 MSa/sec (one-shot = 10 MHz) which is more than enough for the embedded work I do. In my case I opted for the 14-bit samplers and 10 MHz signal generator options. "This USB MSO just seems to be better thought-out than others on the market. It also has a beautiful and intuitive user interface that seems leaps beyond the others I've looked at. In particular, I find the time and voltage scales that are displayed on the edges of the graph to be very useful. The CleverScope folks are also very good at updating the firmware and software. When I bought this unit it had no serial decoding capabilities. However, thanks to updates, I can now decode UART, SPI, and I2C communications (this has come in handy more than once) with this scope. I can also stream captures (trigger-by-trigger) to disk files for later evaluation. All in all, a very nice and capable unit that I use on a daily basis.

Edson Brusque

I can comment on the Cleverscope. I've been using it for about one year and it's simply great. Will probably buy another one next month. Linking two of them you have a four channel analog and 16 bit analyzer.

Doug Traegar

I've been using my new Cleverscope for about a week now and would like to commend you on creating a USB based scope that works as advertised. I've tried the others and they in no way approach what you've accomplished.

Embedded Forum

I have a BitScope at home, which I do not like very much, and I have a CleverScope at work which I really love.

Ira Horden

You have a really nice tool. Thanks so much for your innovation.

F Pippy

Brilliant product, great communication and delivery thanks.

S Pfister

because of your excellent customer service, quick response and of course your great product I recommended the Cleverscope CS328 to our department here. We just got three Cleverscopes this week

H Rawnsley

Scope has been going well, bloody impressed with it.


I received the CS328 with signal generator that I ordered from you a few days ago, and am very happy with it. It seems to work very well.

Electric Fast Edges

This CS328 is absolutely wonderful, I'm thrilled to bits with it. The software is lightyears in front of your opposition. The Maths function make me almost believe I'm using a LeCroy.

Dimensions Unlimited

Hats off to everybody at Cleverscope! Thank you very much for all your hard work. Not only was the period trigger put in, you EXPANDED the trigger menu-thanks again. I use this period trigger option all the time. Signed - a very pleased customer.

Encore Engineering

I purchased a CS328 with signal generator a couple weeks ago. It has been a pleasure to use. I just used it to troubleshoot a test program on an integrated circuit tester (a Teradyne Catalyst). The $1200 CleverScope is easier to use than the $2,000,000 tester.

Agile TV

Yesterday I used the Cleverscope to debug the serial device programmer feature for one of our designs. The Cleverscope's large frame store, in conjunction with the tracking graph feature, made the task much easier than it has been in the past. I have other oscilloscopes and logic analyzers, both PC-based and standalone, and have always found them marginal for serial protocols like JTAG, SPI, I2C, etc. With the Cleverscope, you can capture an entire transaction sequence lasting the better part of a second, then zoom in and view any part of it at sub-microsecond resolution. Many PC-based scopes don't have enough memory to do that. And unlike logic analyzers, you can see the critical analog details such as the turnaround points for bidirectional lines.

L Mihai - USA

08 Dec 2005 - "First of all Congratulations for a beautiful ensemble: acquisition unit/ software. I have been looking around for a decent PC scope for about a year now and while I was in a big dilemma deciding between Picoscope and Handyscope, I finally found a unit that made it easy: Cleverscope. Short version: Thank you! Pretty soon after that, I've got one for work and one for home. I will recommend it not only here in US but also to my friends back in Europe."

R Dunn, Australia

16 Jan 2006 - "It has been a fantastic instrument and solved the very difficult waveform observations that I have needed to complete in the last few months. The logic trigger functions make some of the measurement I have needed to achieve incredibly simple to carryout. I have 3 different digital Oscilloscopes, two of them USB types and of all of them, this is the one I work with."

Steve Dodds - Diagraph

05 Jun 2006 - "As for the scope itself, WOW! I gave my TDS3014b to my colleague when I got this, and now he wants to trade me. No such luck for him (if budgets permit, we'll work on getting him one). I am enjoying the mixed mode capability and the resolution, both time and voltage granularity are unbelievable. I do believe you have a great product. To tell you too much information, I came across your product when I was searching for a replacement scope for our lab. We have an Engineering group of five, two of which are Electricals (including me). I have become very dependant on my laptop, and I like the idea of the usb-based scope concept. I looked at quite a few competitor units, but your information and "competitive dissection" convinced me. The software interface is very intuitive, and to be honest, I haven't bothered with the manual too much. On a recent project, I was using our 3014b scope to capture waveforms for test point screen shots for the manual. Ouch! Using the diskette to save waveforms took over 5 minutes! It was a painful process. When we had our local Sales rep bring in the Tektronix guy to show us the new models, they were either $10k or a lower capability model (than our 3014b) for $3k. The 3014b is still made, still with the antiquated floppy drive, and it now lists for over $5k. It didn't take long to figure out that if I was to go through documentation of waveforms again, it would be with a unit that could easily capture a screen shot. The best part of your system is that I can easily label the signals on the application, versus pulling the imagines up in MS Paint, and adding them in for another time consuming event. I'm hoping to start exploiting the high-level functionality of the product as time permits."

G Langer, Germany

01 Aug 2006 - "Many thanks for your quick help. We are very satisfied with Cleverscope."

Carl Lennon, USA

04 Oct 2006 - "You have a great product. I have used it a lot and continue to do so."

C Lechner, Austria

11 Oct 2006 - "I really like the scope. For usage out of the laboratorium it is great cause of its size."

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