Our People

Bart Schroder

Bart Schroder Bart is our founder, chief designer, and question answerer. Our design team also get to answer questions from time to time - just to keep us all on our toes!

Bart has been in the industry a fair time, designing industrial control systems, variable speed drives, and laser based defence training gear.
He's also had stints at managing large bunches of unruly engineers and navigating through ISO9001 compliance - the perfect driver for starting Cleverscope!

Roger Carter

Roger CarterRoger is responsible for sales and marketing, sending out emails, maintaining the website and liasing with distributors. He is also the number two answerer of questions in the forum. He started as a technician and then workshop manager for telecommunications equipment supplier Pye before going out on his own, designing, building and servicing audio and radio systems.

When not busy cleverscoping he is a keen sailer, skier and diver. However, there is not a lot of time for that!

Ken Henderson

Ken Henderson

Ken is our Hardware Designer, and also dabbles in mechanical design and prototyping.

He started in New Zealand working with power electronics, then in the UK with optical inspection systems and more recently in Europe with telecommunications and industrial controls.

In the spare time between designing stuff and trying out the latest toys in the workshop, Ken loves bicycle touring, shown here on a recent trip through Scandinavia – it was wet!


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