Privacy Policy

Our undertakings

  • When purchasing, you provide your credit card details to a secure transaction site; we do not have access to those details.
  • If you provide us with an email address we will only add you to our mailing list if you explicitly request it.
  • If you accept email from us we will only communicate with you in regards to cleverscope.
  • We never add anyone to the mailing database unless they have asked to receive information from us.
  • We do not provide any information you give us, whether intentionally or otherwise, to any other person or company, with the exception of information we publish as outlined in the section 'When you send us correspondance'.

When you browse our website

We collect information on the Internet protocol (IP) address of your connection, the browser software and operating system used, any search words used and the date and time of your visit. This is only collected for managing the performance of our website and understanding the global profile of viewers. It does not identify any personal details about you.

Downloading the demonstration software

We ask for a name and email address so as to validate the download. We may contact you for feedback about the product and will add you to our mailing list for occasional updates.

Signing up for newsletters

If you sign up to receive emails we commit to sending no more than twelve a year and only when we have relevant information about cleverscope to communicate.

Purchasing from us

When you purchase we use session cookies to enable us to identify your shopping basket. No other information is acquired or put on your computer and the cookie expires on exit. Address information you give us is kept in a secure database as a record of who has purchased; it is only used to send your order and track warranty details.

When you send correspondence

If you send us an unsolicited commendation, we may use it as a testimonial. We will limit your personal information to your name, and your country. If you do not want your testimonial published all you need to do is ask, and we will remove it.
When you send any question to us we may post it and our response on the forum so as to benefit others who might have the same problem. We will not include any identifying information in that posting.
If you have any questions about this policy we are happy to answer them, please email us.

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