The new CS448 Isolated Channel Oscilloscope

Isolated channel capture (1kV Class III), 100 dB CMRR at 50 MHz,  Frequency Response Analysis, Component LCR measurement, MSPS streaming to disk for days, high resolution spectra, sophisticated maths, Matlab and Excel live, external sampling clock, Ethernet or USB, Isolated Signal Generator, mixed signal capture... just some of the things Cleverscope does for you!

We make high accuracy mixed signal acquisition units, and have spent over ten years developing extremely capable software to make them easy and intuitive to use. Our oscilloscopes and software simplify the jobs that engineers need to do on a daily basis. 

We will be at PCIM again on 3rd to 7th May - virtually!. Register here and once registered, check out our Talque profile where you can book an appointment with one of our team. In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to see an on-line demonstration send us an email and we will respond promptly.

Our best wishes to everyone for 2021. New Zealand is open for business if not yet travel. We have stock and can ship within a few days via Fedex.

Updated Cscope Control Driver DLL and Labview VI

We have updated the Cscope Control Driver DLL and Labview VI with an extension to the Function procedure which adds all the values such as DC, RMS..SINAD and THD available in the Cleverscope App. We have also built a new procedure to return the Spectrum of the captured signals, with programmable Window function, and Spectrum type. See Downloads/drivers section. 

CS448 Isolated Oscilloscope

Check out our CS448 channel isolated scope. It has 4 channels, 1kV isolation, >100 dB CMRR at 50 MHz, and 14 bit ADC's at 500 MSPS. It's a beast! New CS1090 half bridge exploration and CS1110 Vce sat probe download docs have been added to the page. You can also use it for FRA. 

Read more about CS448

Lifetime Warranty

Subject to registration of ownership within one month of purchase (automatic for web purchasers) we will continue to support and repair at no charge any units returned to us where the fault is caused by manufacturing or design failure.

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Frequency Response Analysis Capability

Frequency response Analysis capability is built into all our capture products.

See our Frequency Response Analysis (FRA) page with new videos, including an Impedance Measurement Tour which quickly displays Cleverscopes' FRA capabilities.

Read More About FRA

Measuring milli ohm impedance capacitors

We've got a new how to video measuring a 22uF ceramic capacitor with 5 mOhm impedance and very low esr. This video also shows the new log amplitude axis option so you can use sensible units such as Ohms over decades of range. The video uses a lash-up test fixture, but production versions will be available soon. 

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Log amplitude in Spectrum Display

The Spectrum display now supports log amplitude. We have placed two buttons on the display so you can choose between linear or log. As the Spectrum Display can source from Maths, or FRA (in addition to Scope/Tracker Displays), you can have calculated results with very large dynamic ranges, which are best represented with a log display.

The log display is illustrated in the 22uF capacitor impedance plot video.  

See the log display in action..

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