CS1006 + CS1007 Isolated Digital Probe Pods

Digital Probe pods (8 bit, 200 MHz) including probe clips

CS1006 + CS1007 Isolated Digital Probe Pods

CS1006 and CS1007 Isolated Probes

The CS1006 + CS1007 Digital Probe pod is used to probe up to 8 digital signals. Eight signal and two ground probe clips are included. There is no isolation between the inputs in each group of 4. They only work with the CS448 as a 5V supply is required.


Item Value
Isolation 1kV
Number of Signal Inputs 8
Probe Description 45 mm Ezy™ Hook, spring probe, 0.4mm probe width
Bandwidth DC to 200 MHz
Input Threshold
2.3V rising, 0.9V falling
Propagation Delay
13ns compensated for in the CS448
Isolation Capacitance <5 pF
Maximum Data Rate
100 Mbps
Cable Length 1 m from Cleverscope Acquisition Unit to Pod, 150mm from Pod to probe clip
PRICE $USD 204.00


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