CS1006 + CS1007 Isolated Digital Probe Pods

Digital Probe pods (8 bit, 200 MHz) including probe clips

CS1006 + CS1007 Isolated Digital Probe Pods

CS1006 and CS1007 Isolated Probes

The CS1006 + CS1007 Digital Probe pod is used to probe up to 8 digital signals on the CS448. Eight signal and two ground probe clips are included. There is no isolation between the inputs in each group of 4.


Item Value
Isolation 1kV
Number of Signal Inputs 8
Probe Description 45 mm Ezy™ Hook, spring probe, 0.4mm probe width
Bandwidth DC to 200 MHz
Input Threshold
2.3V rising, 0.9V falling
Propagation Delay
13ns compensated for in the CS448
Isolation Capacitance <5 pF
Maximum Data Rate
100 Mbps
Cable Length 1 m from CS448 to Pod, 150mm from Pod to probe clip
PRICE $USD 204.00


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