USB 2.0 oscilloscope - 14 bit 100 MSa/s, 2 analog channels, 8 digital inputs, External Trigger, 8M samples storage for each of the 2 analog and 8 digital channels. The CS701 Isolated Signal Generator (0-65 MHz isolated sine) is factory fitted and included in the price.


Cleverscope Model CS328A-FRA is a 14 bit USB connected, PC hosted oscilloscope and spectrum analyser with PC based application software. The CS701 Isolated Signal Generator is factory fitted.

You can use the CS328A-FRA for Power Supply FRA without needing an isolation injection transformer. Complete with the CS300 application software, 2 x CS1001 and CS1004/5 probe sets. The front panel ground is continuous via the USB ground to the PC.

Here is our latest data sheet, available for you to download.

CS328A-FRA Acquisition Unit

  • Two 14 bit analog channels sampling simultaneously at 100 MSa/sec. AC or DC coupled.
  • Streaming transfer to PC disk at up to 1.5MSPS with 10 bit ENOB, for up to 200G Samples.
  • USB 2.0 Interface to the PC or 10/100Mbit ethernet, depending on option
  • Gain automatically set from 20 mV FSD to +/-200V FSD by choosing graph view and probe switch setting.
  • Offset automatically set to correspond to the selected amplitude axis view. As an example a graph with amplitude axis of 2.40 to 2.42V automatically chooses a 20mV range offset by +2.40V - good for looking at small signals in single supply op-amp applications.
  • Analog triggering of the waveform in view with a resolution of 1% of the display height. The analog trigger may optionally be conditioned with a low pass, high pass or noise filter.
  • One external trigger, threshold adjustable from 0 to ±18V in 40 mV increments.
  • Eight digital inputs sampling at 100 MSa/sec, threshold adjustable from 0 to 10 V in 10 mV increments.
  • A dual hardware trigger system based on a rising or falling edge on any input signal, optionally qualified by a user defined digital input combination, triggering when one or both trigger conditions are met, and the time between triggers is less than, in or more than a user defined range, or the trigger count equals a user defined value.
  • A rear panel I/O connector with a 100 Mbit/sec bi-directional LVDS/RS422 link, and three RS422 outputs defaulting to sampling started, trigger received and sampling stopped.
  • Each channel (two analog, ext trigger and eight digital) includes 8M samples of storage, providing up to 20 ms of simultaneous storage for each channel, with 10 ns resolution.
  • The sample storage may be allocated as between 2 to 3000 frames varying in size from 4M to 2000 samples. These may be used as a history store for reviewing previously captured signals, or to capture up to 3000 trigger events with a minimal inter-frame delay, while maintaining time relative to the first trigger for all succeeding frames.
  • 20 MHz 5th order Anti-alias filter for improved Spectrum Analysis performance.
  • Triggered LED and Power LED on the front panel.
  • Input power range from 6 ~ 12V, 6W provided by a universal mains adaptor.
  • Low jitter (1 ps rms) sampling clock for 70 dB spurious free dynamic range.
  • Self calibration to ensure DC performance specifications are met.
  • Enclosure size: 153 x 195 x 35 mm.

CS300 Application Software

  • Separate, freely moveable and resizable windows to display the signal, a zoomed signal view, and the frequency spectrum of the signal, and control panel.
  • The zoomed signal view optionally tracks the signal view cursor.
  • Spectrum analysis with a variety of conditioning windows and display in log or linear format.
  • Each signal window includes a time/amplitude tracer, and two markers for comparison purposes. Colours are user definable.
  • Signal averaging (exponential, block and peak hold) and low pass filtering.
  • Signal measurement, including Peak to Peak, RMS, DC, pulse width, period and frequency.
  • Copy and Paste graphic or data to other applications.
  • Save and Open from disk.
  • User defined units, signal names and scaling (offset and gain).
  • Text annotation of each graph.
  • Maths equation builder with realtime Matlab transfer.
  • Protocol Decoding for SPI, UART, I2C and bus.

CS328A-FRA Equipment List

The following equipment is included with the CS328A-FRA:

  • 1 x CS328A Oscilloscope Acquisition Unit, 12 bit 8MSample capture with USB interface.
  • 1 x CS701A 0-65MHz Sine Wave only Isolated Signal Generator installed
  • 1 x Power Supply Unit and lead
  • 2 x CS1001 1x/10x 250MHz probe kit
  • 1 x CS1004/CS1005 8 bit 100MHz digital input pods including probes
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x USB stick that includes CS300 Application Software, CS328A User Manual, sample files, videos and white papers

Here is our latest data sheet, available for you to download.

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