2kV signal generator - wow ;-)

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10 Apr 2010
Posts: 22

Sometimes, my beloved Cleverscope (Non-A) is misused for other stuff
than ""just "" displaying waveforms...

This time I needed nothing else but a very slow (~10s) and low (0..2V) DC sweep,
ramping up continuously.
The scope was in range, a cable attached to the sig-gen, so I did not bother about
attaching a lab power supply - the CS700 should be just fine...

Ok, here we go. Just a few fields to fill (like so many times before):
Waveform DC, Min, Max, Inc, Sweep Up Continuous, <some further stuff>...
And go!

Well, obviously filling out any ""stop it!"" fields does not work here, right?
It increments until you turn it off...
I am not completely sure, but I could swear, it worked in the past, ""a few"" updates before...

About 10 years ago, I had a similar ""bug"" in a surge generator control software,
which suddenly slammed out 20kV. Somehow ""impressive"", how far and fast
discrete components learn to fly...

Luckily, the CS700 is limited ;-))


Just in case: latest FW and CS app., as usual...

11 Apr 2010
Posts: 481

Hello Axel,
You are right, we found the cause, and have fixed it. It will be in the next update - available shortly. In the meantime the Sweep Up/Down Continuous works fine.


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