Driver DLL for 64 bit.

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18 Oct 2013
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I have downloaded v26 package.
Its written in pdf "Cleverscope has verified operation of SimpleScope in both x32 and x64 bit versions of Windows 7."

I have not tried for 64 bit yet.

For 32 bit, i first renamed Cscope Control Driver.dll file and then use in my dot net application.
Path is also specified in my appilcation.
I have not used FTD2XX.dll file, but it is placed in same folder (with C C D.dll).
Is this dll is used by CCd.dll (In both cases (ethernet and USB)).

Now can i do the same for 64 bit? or
Need to copy files in SysWOW64 folder as written below?
Point 4 of Important Information.
You will have to put copies of the two files ‘Cscope Control Driver.dll’ and ‘FTD2XX.dll’ in Windows/System32 and Windows/SysWOW64 (for 64 bit systems) as the most general case, or put them in the same directoryas your development files, and in the directory with the resulting .exe. Only one copy of ‘Cscope ControlDriver.dll is included in the distribution, at the root of the distribution zip. If you use the installer, the dll’sare automatically copied to the system32 directory. You willhave to copy the files to the SysWOW64 directory yourself.


24 Oct 2013
Posts: 477

Hello Vikas,
If you are using a 64 bit operating system, yes, you need to copy both files to SYSWOW64. This allows the 64 bit program to use 32 bit DLL's.

3 Dec 2017
Posts: 1

I am looking for this driver
thank u
rhcarter rhcarter

24 Jan 2018
Posts: 109

Hi, All drivers are available in the full installation package.
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