*** For Serial Numbers above 8000 ***

The CS743 is an Ethernet interface, which operates at 100 Mbit/sec, or about 6 Mbyte/sec sustained throughput. In normal use, there is no discernible difference in performance between the CS742 and CS743.

The Ethernet is transformer isolated to 1500 V peak, and so there is no galvanic connection to the PC. In addition because it is Ethernet, you can operate the Cleverscope on a network anywhere (even on the other side of the earth!). *** For Serial Numbers above 8000 ***

The CS743 comes boxed and plugs in in place of the USB Module. It comes with a replacement rear panel.  10/100 Mbit/sec auto switch, automatic TX/RX selection (MDI), no cross over cable required. Please email us your serial number when ordering so that we can make you the right back panel.
PRICE $USD 224.00


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