Useful Stuff

We have tried hard to make the Cleverscope useful. One of the MOST useful things, in our opinion, is Copy and Paste. When doing design validation or testing, just have a Word doc open, and copy and paste anything that looks interesting. It is surprising how often this turns out to be useful later. 

Anyway here is a collection of articles about stuff that we have found useful.

Performance Comparison of Differential Probe and CS448

A Pintek DP25 (Common mode rejection ratio > 50 dB at 1MHz) was compared with a CS448 probing a high side gate drive slewing common mode in about 10ns (30 MHz BW).

Copy and Paste

Copy and paste with Cleverscope is fast and powerful. You realize how useful it is after going back to find crucial information in the pasted graph. The same goes for File Save. There is not much effort in Copy/Paset or File Save, but could save you heaps of time and effort later in reproducing what you've already done before, all over again. > Read more

Display Docking

With display docking you can move all the Cleverscope windows in one group by moving the Cleverscope Control Panel. You can also minimize and restore as a group by minimizing just the Control Panel. This is useful if you have several screens, and windows open all over the place. This video shows you how. > Read more

Live export to Excel

You can use the old fashioned DDE to export values from Signal information to an Excel Spreadsheet. This can be very useful when doing further analysis, or creating live bar charts and the like. Also you can send Information Information values to a spread sheet in real time - very useful for logging derived value changes (eg the energy used by a cell phone over time).  > Read more

Comparing Tek and Cleverscope zoom

We compare zooming on square wave overshoot using a Tek scope and Cleverscope. We hope you'll be pleasantly surprised by how easy to use Cleverscope is. > Read more


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