These tours give you a quick overview of the Cleverscope tool set. 

After you have visited each Tour, you might like to check out other sections in the Using Cleverscope resources. 

Start Using Cleverscope

This tour shows you how to get started with Cleverscope > Read more

Capability Tour

A quick tour of many Cleverscope features, including Frequency Response, Maths, Streaming to disk, Matlab / Excel and Word connectivity, Protocol decoding, Repetitive capture and much more.  > Read more

Impedance Measurement Tour

The Cleverscope FRA package allows you to measure all manner of impedances Here we show how you do this.  > Read more

How to set the amplitude range

There are many way to set the captured amplitude range. The Scope Display defines exactly what is captured, and this video shows you how.

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