Streaming with the CS448

Set up a CS448 in streaming mode to track down a random anomaly

The CS448 does streaming to disk for all channels and digital inputs until the disk is full. Streaming can be very useful for looking at start up behavior, capturing long message sequences, or looking for anomalies in the signal.  It is also useful for when the scope single shot time duration is too short (currently +/- 5.36 secs) for your needs. Once captured you can export chunks of the waveform as a standard cleverscope file, text or binary for colleagues to use, do protocol decoding, maths, spectrum analysis, or quickly drill into any portion of the waveform and make measurements.

This example captures a 1-100 kHz sine wave sweep with a 2 MSPS sample rate. We examine the waveform looking for anomalies. We also show how to export an anomaly.

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