Streaming to disk Introduction

You can use Charting to stream captured samples to disk continuously at up to 3 Msps. The maximum capture size is around 300 G samples. After having captured you can zoom and pan very quickly to find the features important to you. This video shows you how

Streaming to disk

This video from 2013 (we have had streaming for a long time!) introduces you to streaming samples to disk. Using USB you can save up to 3 M samples per  second, and Ethernet at 1.5 M samples per sec. Streaming is now started by clicking the 'Stream' button, which is the new name for the old Chart button. Other than that nothing has changed. Streaming is quick and responsive, and all the Cleverscope tools can be used. See the 'Streaming Analysis' Article. 

In this video we capture about 137M samples and then drill into it to look at waveform features with 800ns resolution. 

Note that this requires firmware version v6428 or later - we recommend always updating to the latest version available.

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