Differential Probe. 50 MHz bandwidth, 6500V maximum operating voltage, four ranges x100, x200, x500 and x1000.


The CS1031 Differential probe is a switchable x100, x200, x500 and x1000 50 MHz differential probe for making isolated measurements between any two points in a system.


Item Position x 100 Position x 200 Position x 500 Position x 1000
Attenuation - 1MΩ 100:1 200:1 500:1 1000:1
Attenuation - 50Ω 200:1 400:1 1000:1 2000:1
Bandwidth DC to 25 MHz DC to 50 MHz DC to 50 MHz DC to 50 MHz
Input Impedance 4 MΩ 1.2 pF between inputs
2 MΩ 2.3 pF between inputs and ground
Max Op Voltage ±650V (DC +peak AC) ±1300V (DC +peak AC) ±3250V (DC +peak AC) ±6500V (DC +peak AC)
Max V to Ground 6500 V (DC +peak AC).
Output Impedance 50Ω
Noise <2 mV rms into 50Ω load
CMRR 50/60Hz: >10,000:1
100Hz: >1,000:1
1MHz: >300:1
Safety Meets IEC1010 Cat 1. EN61010, UL3111
Power One internal 9V PP3 battery or external 6-9V DC.
Size 200 x 55 x 30 mm (plastic case)
Weight 245 gm (plastic case)
Cable Length 1 m

Accessories that are included with the differential probe are:Carry Bag, Instruction Manual, Large Crocodile Clips, Long Grabber Clips, Test leads, BNC-BNC cable, Power supply

PRICE $USD 478.00


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