CS1302 Isolated Digital I/O Pod

CS1302 Isolated 4x output 1x input pod

CS1302 Isolated Digital I/O Pod


The pod has 1 input, and 4 outputs, one of which may be assigned as a high speed clock. The pod allows high speed generation of arbitrary signals, optionally synched to the clock, with simultaneously recording of the input signal. It may also be used as a fast isolated SPI or UART port. The application supports arbitrary pulse generation, PWM, and double pulse testing using the CS1302.

The output level is 5V (VSEL open), or 3V3 (VSEL pulled low).

Isolation is 600V RMS Cat III (UL), or 800 DC (VDE), based on an ISO7840DW and ISOW7744DFMR, and PCB creepage. Common mode rejection is 100V/ns.
PRICE $USD 349.00


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