Cleverscope Test Ruler

The Cleverscope Test Ruler can be used as a metric/imperial ruler (length 250mm) and also as a tool to explore many Cleverscope capabilities.

In addition, versatility is increased by providing the source code to the on board STM8L151G3U6 microprocessor, which can be modified as desired. ST provides free tools for doing this.

Download the Cleverscope Test Ruler Brief to find out about all of the features.

Top of Ruler

Bottom of Ruler

The Test Ruler is used to exercise all the capabilities of the Cleverscope CS328A and CS448. The Test Ruler Manual details each capability with step by step instructions and the name of the .apc file that setups for that capability, and the video that shows it being exercised. These resources are a work in progress!

Most of the interfaces work in parallel, and the user can simply probe each one as needed. The larger holes are Banana plug compatible.

Download the Circuit Diagram and parts layout.

The Bill of Materials is available in pdf and excel formats.

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