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9 Dec 2006
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When I have stored a long complex waveform and have zoomed in on a small part, and perhaps scroll one way or another sometimes I lose track of where I am with the whole waveform, then I have to zoom all the way out then back in where I want to go.
How about when you want to zoom in on a waveform another trace or pip (picture in picture)could come up (for example - zoom A) on the screen (a zoom trace) and as you zoom in, the original waveform could highlight the zoomed area in relationship to the whole waveform.

12 Dec 2006
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Hello Dimensions,
Thanks for the questions - and that is precisely what the Tracking Graph is for. To turn on the Tracking Graph use View/Display Tracking Graph. Arrange the displays so you can see both the Scope and Tracking Graphs. You might like to make sure 'View/Tracking Graph is linked' is ticked. While on the scope graph you can move the tracer (the black blob tracking the current channel), and you will notice the tracking graph centre follows this point. Once you have located the point of interest, hit the L key (Lock), which locks the tracking graph position until you click on the tracking graph. Now you are free to zoom in/out or pan the tracking graph, looking at the detail. You may wish to record the current position by holding down the Shift key, and clicking on S1 or S2. As you move around on the tracking graph you will notice that the tracer on the scope graph follows your current position - you always know where you are in both the big and small pictures.

(If you still want an extra tracking graph, you can do this with the Maths window - make equations a->a and b->b and the maths window will give you a third view of the waveform, at any point, with zoom. If you have the Tracking Graph Linked option ticked, the Maths Graph will also track the scope graph. Additionally, as you manipulate the tracer in the Maths window, the tracer on the scope graph will mirror the current tracer position. )

Summarizing, you have two independant views - one for the big picture, the other for the fine detail. You can record two presets on each graph using the S1 and S2 buttons. You can also store position with a File/Save As... and then using the Most Recently Used file list under the File menu to quickly get back to that position. You can also use the history forward/back buttons to see where you have been. Hopefully these tools will be useful in reviewing your waveforms, and keeing track of where you are.

1 Nov 2008

I gat new informations to the post..Tracking graph is really an amazing idea..The idea helps a lot to my work.

24 Feb 2009

Yes i think it will be a great feature to have.I also had a problem sometimes when it comes to focusing the image and i want to make everything clear.Great idea to have and hopefully it will be add as a new feature.

27 Feb 2009
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The Tracking Graph has been implemented since the beginning. Is it not a useful way of having both a wide and close view at the same time? Go to the menu item View/Display Tracking Graph. This will display the tracking graph. Capture a waveform. Go to the Tracking graph. Change the time scale to show the zoom you want (remember, after clicking on the time axis zoom buttons, the mouse scroll wheel is like a virtual knob). Now you have two views. Move the tracer on the Scope Graph. The Tracking Graph will track the Scope Graph tracer. If you move the tracer in the Tracking Graph, the tracer position in the Scope Graph will also move to show you where you are. Remember that the graph you are tracing has to be focused for this to work. Also make sure the graphs are linked (View/Tracking Graph is linked is ticked).

The rest of the summary post up above may be useful. We do not intend to implement any other method, unless there is lots of demand!
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