Variable timebase between channels

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30 Sep 2005

Would it be possible to offset each channel's time base (X-scale) such that signals and their echoes can be compared and triggered on? An application: CAN bus must precisely synchronise the ACK signal between nodes, but as they can be quite some distance apart (cable length), it is necessary to take into consideration the propogation time along the cable. Offseting the timebase of one channel (echo) to the other (source) would allow the two to be compared and triggering on anomalies much easier to program.

12 Oct 2005
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hello Idlewise,
There is no particular difficulty in extracting the time signal from the CAU with a time offset between channels. Within the Cleverscope software all the waveforms are transported time stamped, and the grapher can easily handle waveforms with different time stamps (and different sample rates for that matter - see periodic sampling where this happens). So I guess the main issue is the human interface - how do we do it in a sensible fashion. Would a control in the Cleverscope Control panel with a numeric value (+/- time skew on B channel, say) we sufficient? Or is a more graphical approach needed - eg drag the channel backwards and forwards (much as you can drag it now, but both channels drag, we'd need to drag just one).

Suggestions welcome!
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