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13 Dec 2006

Has anyone experimented with wireless usb adaptors to completely isolate scope from PC?
(what adaptor, speed comments)

13 Dec 2006
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There are some new products coming from Belkin, Gefen and KVM. The Belkin Wireless USB extender is supposed to be available - see the Belkin Model F5U301 CableFree USB hub (USD200) at http://www.belkin.com
The CS328A (now available in January 2007) has a replaceable USB 2.0 module. It is our intention to make an isolated USB module, and an Ethernet module as accessories.

27 Feb 2009
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The CS328A has a replacement I/O module. Currently we make USB and Ethernet variants. We do have a Wifi board in the works. But it will be done when it's done!

28 Sep 2013
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Hi. I've been using a Sapido BRB72n wireless router with my Etherent Cleverscope. Really small and has an integrated battery too. I've been using a battery to power the CleverScope and so have a fully isolated scope.
Question though. What is the votage range for the DC supply to the CleverScope for the CleverScope to maintain full specifications? And the damage level?... Would help for wider choice of Lithium battery packs.

30 Sep 2013
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Excellent about the router. The DC supply can properly handle from about 7V to 15V DC without stress.
I hope this helps. Power consumption is about 6VA.
The input switchmode regulator is rated at 16V absolute maximum. There is also a series diode with a voltage drop of about 0.6V, so the absolute input maximum is 16.6V. If you go too much higher than this, the regulator fails short.
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