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19 Dec 2006
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hi bart

when I installed the latest release (dec 17) it was not working properly(I was missing the lninput library-which you immediately sent, thanks) now i am runnlng. My question is when I was missing the library file the control panel had more features & indicators (for instance verticle and horizontal scaling control), is this coming in a later release?


19 Dec 2006
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Hello Gary,
Sorry about the missing lvinput.dll - it is now in the update. The vertical and horizontal scaling controls have been there all along, but are hidden. It was our first way of controlling the scope. Our idea was that you would click on the graph to vary, and then use the controls on the control panel (just like a conventional scope). Unfortunately this approach was no good, because you quickly found yourself forgetting which graph you click on last, and varying controls for the wrong graph. They are still there because we do intend to add pop-up knobs for graphs shortly, and the existing controls are a way to test the event queue for that. You might notice in the latest release that you can click on a vertical/horizontal control (pan or expand), and then the mouse wheel on your mouse is applied to that control.

By the way - there is a new manual on the download page which covers the latest Control Panel look

Have a great Christmas.

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