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25 Dec 2006

I just received my CleverScope, so far, I am quite pleased with it, but I still need to navigate through many of the available functions to get more use out of it. The one thing that I noticed on various occasions were application errors upon launching the CleverScope application ( I am using Windows XP Media edition on a HP Pavillion DV6120 laptop computer that I also purchased one week ago) So far that has been an annoyance, but it seems that when I re-start the application all seem ok. One of the questions I have is regarding the signal generator output. I notice that I can set the frequency, waveform and amplitude, and that all seems to work ok. However, under the ""Waveform type"" selection window, if I set this to ""OFF"" the output of the generator continues to output the waveform, so what does the function ""OFF"" do?? Also, the DC function seems to be doing the same, is that supposed to output just a DC level?

I tried looking in the users manual for answers to the above, but so far I have not found the answers. Please clarify this operation

Thank you for your help.

27 Dec 2006
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Hello Chaberis,
Thanks for purchasing a Cleverscope. We have not seen the application errors you mention - can you please clarify what happens? Is there a sequence to it - for example does the error happen when you open the application, or when you start acquiring a signal?

You are right the OFF and DC settings currently do nothing. We will be putting another firmware version on the site in early January which implements these functions. Their purpose was to allow users to turn off the Sig gen (ouput goes to 0) or set a DC value without altering the frequency and amplitude.

Have a Happy New Year!

2 Jan 2007

It seems that the crashes ocurr when I try to start aquiring data, specifically after I select the trigger mode to ""Auto"". However, this is not a consistent error or problem, I have used the scope many times since and did not see the same thing happen. I will try to record and document the status of things and perhaps copy the error dialog box to the clipboard the next time this happens.

rhcarter rhcarter

3 Jan 2007
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Hi Carlos,
If it occurs when you go to aquire then it is likely to be a USB error. There is an error message comes up if the programme can not find the unit. It is not a windows error but a message from Cleverscope. It starts ""Warning. There is an error with the USB port.."" It generally occurs if the USB cable is not connected or there is no power to the acquisition unit. I get it occassionally when the Cleverscope is connected through an external USB hub - some of them seem to need to be powered up after starting the PC for the PC to recognise the equipment connected.

Is that consistent with your experience?

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