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30 Sep 2005

Would it be possible to incorporate some form of protocol awareness into the digital signal analyser, such that standard serial frames like CANBus can be detected and used as a trigger, i.e. wait for an extended CAN frame with a specific arbitration field to arrive and then trigger the 'scope?

12 Oct 2005
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hello Idlewise,
yup - you've got another item on the development wishlist. We will be doing this fairly soon. Our approach is to use hardware decoders in our FPGA. We have obtained these decoders:
1. RS232 and RS485.
2. SPI.
3. I2C
4. USB
5. CAN
We are making the decoder downloadable (because we want to be able to have future decoders, and because we don't have room in our FPGA for all the possible decoders). So when you specify a decoder, the application will download the decoder to the hardware. While specifying the decoder you will also have to specify some aspects of decoder operation (for example which bits are the data/clock streams, clock/data polarity, number of bits/symbol).

There is some other work to be done before the protocol analyser, but I expect we'll have it done by the end of the year.

Any suggestions welcome.

18 Jan 2006

Hi Bart,

Whats the status of the protocol analyser? This will be very useful to us..


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20 Jun 2006

I'm curious about the status of this as well. I'd mainly be interested in I2C and SPI (and maybe RS232).

27 Jun 2006
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We are still at it. There is some contention with other project areas (Cs328A and charting). It will get done.

21 Jul 2006

Hmm, what will sell more? Faster scope or protocol awareness?

I, for one, purchased the CS328 anticipating protocol awareness and would like to see it sooner than later.

28 Jul 2006

I'd like a faster scope myself... and protocol awareness can be added later in software. I am waiting for faster hardware to be available. Our company bought the CS320 which is great... I would like a scope for myself, but am waiting for something better than 100msps.
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