Using An External Application To Control Cleverscope

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9 Mar 2007
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We would like some feedback here - our plan is to do a new version of the application which allows you to not load the display windows (meaning they take no memory) and communicate with the application via a script stored in a file. Results are returned as binary or text files. This will allow all programming systems to communicate, including remotely over a network. Results would be every type of output that Cleverscope provides - including information display, spectrum, maths, and log files. The pure binary files will be loadable by Matlab, or any application conforming to the IEEE double real number format standard. In this way we will circumvent some of the interface issues that have to do with incompatible programming languages and DLL formats. It also means you can debug your application by turning on the display graphs, and see you application controlling the cleverscope, and the resulting values captured. Would this be a reasonable approach?

12 Mar 2007

I am not very clear about your question, but I think you mean some kind of a server/client set of applications which can run on the same computer or not.
The server will be an application that communicates with the scope and the client will be an application that processes and displays the information.
This is done very frequently and UNIX based windows (X11 on UNIX, Linux, Mac) are doing exactly that.
I am also working on a system (Microwindows) that uses the same strategy: server for hardware related tasks and clients for user interface and applications. These applications run on multiple platforms and hardwares.

If you use a standard way of communicating (i. e. sockets), I think this is a very good idea if a communication protocol is well defined and documented.
It would simplify remote operation of the scope and make writing custom applications much easier as well as communicating with other programs.

22 Jun 2007

I do not prefer files for inter application communication. Using the Cleverscope software as a COM or DCOM server could be an interesting option.

27 Jun 2007

I do not think we are considering file sharing but networking solution.
However, I am against using anything that is 'Windows only' solution (COM and DCOM are).
I believe that the protocol should be a standard network protocol so that the client could run on any system (Unix/Linux/Mac).

28 Jun 2007

I would prefer a soap-server to get data

27 Mar 2008
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Being able to use the Cleversope in the MATLAB Environment would be so wonderful to me! I'm a researcher in acoustics and currently use a Tek DSO and Agilent function generator with control software written in MATLAB to automate the acquisition of acoustic signals. My setups typically require delayed triggering and frequency sweeps. Additionally, I measure complex power of amplifiers driving piezoelements. I'm looking for a more compact setup with greater software control. The Tek o-scope takes too long to update the display before I can read a measurement. I'm aware of LabVIEW programming, but I don't like it and prefer MATLAB for processing signals and plotting results. Having full compliance with MATLAB would definitely sell me on the Cleverscope. Does this interoperability exist now?
rhcarter rhcarter

28 Mar 2008
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Hi Surfdude,
If you are looking for a Matlab server in cleverscope then no, we do not have one at this time - although it is on the wish list. However, you are able to control the cleverscope from Matlab using the dll we provide. It requires a little more work on your part but will yield the results you are looking for.

Roger Carter

3 Feb 2009

Hello everyone,
I also plan to use matlab to capture data from the cleverscope. Has anyone already programmed matlab functions to communicate with the scope using the dll?


26 Feb 2009
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I just started working on controlling the cleverscope through Matlab. I can get the device initialized with the CAUStatus to open, but after that I run into problems... I'll try to post my code when I get it working.

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