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20 Mar 2007
Posts: 27

How could I set up to count the following event: A 1 microsecond pulse that occurs about every 5 to 15 seconds, I'm interested in counting how many times this happens in say a 15 or 20 minute period. (On a LeCroy I use the sweep count feature)

20 Mar 2007
Posts: 27

After setting my frame count higher I was able to accomplish this. How do you reset the frame counter to zero to run another 'test' before all the frames are full?

20 Mar 2007
Posts: 412

Hello Dimensions,
the very simplest way is to set up 2 Maths equations:
(d+1) * i1 -> d
d -> b
Because the Maths equations are invoked on every trigger, Register D acts as a counter. By sending D to B, you can view the sum on the Maths Graph or in the Signal Information, if set to ""Maths"". Use the B channel tracer to see the current count. I have made it so that digital input 1 clears the count if low. Set input 1 to 1 to count the triggers.

If you had a source of period, eg an output that was high for 10 minutes, you could use a 'Digital Required' and set the digital mask to only allow triggering if the digital input was high. In this way you could gate the counter, and know the count accurately over the period.

So there is no need to use multiple frames. Just use Maths!

Hope this helps.
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