Counting tiggers/analogue inputs

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23 Mar 2007


I am trying to count the number of 5us pulses to a stepper driver driven from a PC parallel port . The time between pulses can vary from 100us to greater than 10ms and the number of pulses can vary from 100 to 50,000 pulses.

Is this possible with the scope and if so how do I set it up.


rhcarter rhcarter

5 Apr 2007
Posts: 114

We delayed in answering because you can not do what you want in the current software and wanted to give you good news! We think it is a worthwhile feature and had hoped to implement it in the next update but time is passing and with Easter on us it will be a couple more weeks before we get there. We will advise as soon as it is available.


7 Apr 2007

HI Roger,

Thanks for the reply.
I resolved the counting problem by programming a CPLD to perform a 24 bit counter with 8 bit parallel interface to a processor. This worked well but after a week or so I managed to get a PIC processor to count external interrupts and dump the data via RS232 to a terminal (a simple job).
It would be great if the CS328 could do the same job!

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