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30 Sep 2005

Could you get the CleverScope to analyse eye-diagrams?

12 Oct 2005
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Dear Idlewise,
currently we can't do eye-diagrams. However this is certainly in the pipe-line. We have two approaches to this:
1. We implement persistance so that you can display multiple graphs on the one display.
2. We capture multiple frames (between 2..3000) at full rate inside the acquisition unit, and then aggregate the results across all frames, at the same time point, as a histogram at that time point. The histogram can be coloured on the display. This gives a good picture of how often the waveform passed through that point. As a example we could scale the cumulative sums for each voltage range (say 1% of FSD) into colour order, with blue = lowest count, to red = highest count.

As a side note, we are intending to release averaging over a number of rapidly acquired frames, at the same time point, in about two weeks time.

What do you think?
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