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16 Apr 2007

Hi all,

I just received a Cleverscope and was surprised to see that it can only save files as text or Cleverscope format.
No graphic file formats?
I don't know what it would take to implement.
I know I can do a screen grab, but it would be nice to save a pic directly from the app for use in Word
and other programs.
My next set of questions are about up and coming add ons.
Any plans for a faster signal generator?
More than 10Mhz would be really nice.
What are your plans for interfaces now that the USB port is on a separate board?

rhcarter rhcarter

17 Apr 2007
Posts: 112

Hi Doug,
Great to see you have your unit now.

If you wish to save your screen capture as an image rather than pasting directly into a document I recommend using IrfanView - You are able to save in a multiple of formats. It is inexpensive if used commercially but free for home use. It can also be used to convert between formats and has many other features.

If you CTRL-C on the screen you want to save, go to IrFanView and CTRL-V it will appear. Save with whatever name and format you wish.

We have no plans to change the generator at this time but are considering a companion arbitary waveform generator.

The next project is an ethernet interface as an alternative for the USB 2.0


17 Apr 2007

Thanks for the reply and thanks for your previous help.
I ended up getting one with only 4mb of memory but with the 12 bit sampler based on your info and a review
of the sampler chips used in the scope.
I have that viewer on my home PC, so I am familiar with it and will use it with my Cleverscope.
What are the advantages to an Ethernet interface?
I see other scopes with it and don't quite understand the advantage to it since one needs a computer near by to
for the display anyway.
There is a USB function generator out there that uses an AD9953 and for up to 200Mhz and does arbitrary waveforms.

Keep up the good work and I may have more questions after I make it through the whole manual.

rhcarter rhcarter

20 Apr 2007
Posts: 112

Ethernet has two potential uses that are inter-related. Remotely monitoring a Cleverscope, for example from home after-hours. Sharing the results you see with another person on another workstation, whether in the next office or across the world. Cleverscopes are also being embedded into automated test equipment and ethernet has benefits for controlling and acquiring results.

We have looked at the AD9953 but think its limited memory - only 1024 elements - will not give enough flexibility for what we would like to achieve.

30 Aug 2007

rhcarter said...
Ethernet has two potential uses that are inter-related.

Ethernet could have one more use, namely electrical isolation of the scope from the computer. The current solution uses isolated USB Cable, which works at USB1.1 speed only, and it seems that isolated USB 2.0 is not available and not going to be available in the next future, at least at a reasonable price. With Ethernet, it should be possible to convert it to optical fiber and back to twisted pair, thus providing optical isolation. E.g. sells ethernet2fiber converter EL50 for 64$
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