Triggering on changing in Amplitude of waveform

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8 May 2007
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Hi admin,

My waveform is normally AC line voltage with 50Hz and its value is 310Cosωt, say. I would like set trigger on Amplitude of waveform so that the changed wavefrom will be captured when my wavefrom is decreased (300Cosωt) or increased (320Cosωt). How can I set the trigger by using built-in triggering? Or how can I modified the trigger if I need to create own trigger by using source code?

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

12 Feb 2009
Posts: 481

Hello Naing, you can finally do this now. By using the Maths module, you can use the RMS process to find teh RMS value of the input signal, and then window compare this value for your limits. If the RMS goes outside your limits, you can use the Maths module to do a Fast Save, and save the actual signal that caused the problem to disk. In addition you can log the RMS values, with a date/time stamp to either a text file or an Excel spread sheet using the Information Window logger. In this way you can see a graph of the RMS voltage over time, and an indication of out-of-range in one of the other channels - sourced from the Maths, and the time at which outages occurred.
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