Dual-monitors and CleverScope 'memory'

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26 May 2007
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Hi. I have to monitors (one as part of my laptop, and one external LCD screen) so I can expand my Windows desktop space.

It seems some CleverScope windows (like the Scope Graph) remember which monitor they were last opened on, but the Control Panel does not. Is that something that could be fixed? It would be so nice if all of the windows could correctly remember which monitor they were on last, and return to that monitor the next time they are opened (unless the monitor no longer exists, when they should probably return to default positions on the main monitor.)



26 May 2007
Posts: 477

Hello Brian,
There was a small bug in the window storage structure in versions 4.600 - 4.603, and the main window (and the two presets) were not remembered. In addition this problem is propagated through 'cleverscope.prf', the cleverscope preferences file. The solution is to upgrade to the latest version (4.606) by doing an upgrade (not full installation) from the download page. If you follow the instructions this will also overwrite the preferences file. Previous versions (3.518-3.524 for the CS328) are not affected, and correctly remember all window positions.

Hope this helps,

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