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6 Jun 2007

Is there any release-note for your software? Usually some kind of change-log or similar is provided with every version, but I have not found that yet. If you do not have one, could you please make one for future versions?

7 Jun 2007
Posts: 73

Hi Brazda,
We keep our release notes page up to date as we change the software. If you go to you will be able to see the history back to Jan 06.


8 Jun 2007

I guess the release notes should be updated for the latest software v4608 which is available in the download section.
I would like to know what was fixed or changed.

8 Jun 2007

Also the Home page needs to be updated

11 Jun 2007

That is a list of releases, but there is no information about what is fixed and what is still open ("some issues fixed" gives no usable information). Could you provide a more detailed (and up-to-date) list?
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