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26 Jun 2007

I can only get the cleverscope to log 10samples per second to a log file.
is there a way to get more samples per second?

I am using the ""signal information"" window, with the update interval set to 0.1sec.
rhcarter rhcarter

26 Jun 2007
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Hello beejohn,
You are correct, that is the only way of logging data at present and ten per second is the fasted capture rate.

The only other option is to save a frame of data but you are limited in the amount you can save to the internal memory before downloading. You can either have the highest resolution and have a sample of 20ms or you can expand the timebase and save seconds in the frame at reduced resolution.

We are working on a charting function which will probably give you more what you are looking for but delivery on that has slipped and it will probably be available late in July.

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