Examples of interfacing dll with delphi

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20 Jul 2007

I am searching some examples of control of cleverscope with delphi
in particular if somebody has written the units to interface the DLLs

24 Jul 2007
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hello Fermon,
we have quite a full schedule, but we will try and fit in writing a short example of communicating with Delphi.

16 Feb 2008

Are there any news regarding units to interface the csope DLL with Delphi? Did somebody tried to translate the C headers automatically? Please help to save some time.

19 Feb 2008

The automatic translation was 99% succesfull. With 1% of extra work, almost headaches :) , I have a working example in Delphi. Should I paste in this post the units?

11 Apr 2008
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Yes please!

25 Apr 2008
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Hello - we have finally placed example Simple Scope projects in Delphi 5 and C++ Builder 6 in our resources page. These examples show you how to capture a signal, display it on a graph, vary the scaling, and control the signal generator. Any comments welcome. Thanks to vjoco for starting this off. You can also find Simple Scope examples in Labwindows CVI and Labview on the resources page. Next mission is to do the same for Visual Basic. Note that for all of them you need to include the Data folder (found in the zip) that contains the various USB drivers. All versions of the USB are supported. Enjoy!

24 Jul 2009

Great work, thank you. The example from the resource page works perfectly also in Delphi 7. Thanks again, Victor.
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