sig gen cal problem?

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24 Jul 2007
Posts: 27

I just loaded the latest versions of software (July 18, 2007) for my CS328 on my XP based computer, the range cal worked fine, but the sig gen cal reported 'completed' but the percentage shown was 69%. All updates with this download appear to be working with sig gen output(better cal, DC, Off), just after doing a sig gen cal the % was not 100.
How is the communications analysis code going? (SPI, CAN)

24 Jul 2007
Posts: 477

Hello Dimensions,
Yes you are right, there is a difference in the completion divider between the CS328A and the CS328. We will fix it.

The SPI , CAN, oft promised is so high on the list it has become an Everest. It will happen. But there is other stuff that people keep wanting too! Not enough hours in the day or something like that!
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