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14 Jan 2006

Hi Bart
I would like to see the software have 2 additional modes.
Scope - this would be an emulated scope front panel with all controls and sizing fixed to look like a modern digital scope. (not able to be screwed up by the user)
I would also like a similar mode for the Specan mode.
This would have a fixed screen and controls to emualte a Specan/Tracking Gen (if option fitted).
The above would make it easier for novice users to use the instrument as either device without having 4 floating disconnected screens.
The current set up is a little too much like an acqusition card from a vendor and the controls are not always a clear in their use when compared to a conventional Scope or Specan.
This is fine for those who wish to spend several hours learning how to get the display they need but not good for occasional users or students with little knowledge of these instruments.
I think the Cleverscope is a fine instrument (otherwise I would not have bought one) but the above would make it world class.

23 Jan 2006

This is the one of the things that I have aske to Bart on the phone.

23 Jan 2006

Hi PantsOn
I think Bart will difinitly do this as soon as possible.
However, he has a huge workload currenlty so we may need to wait a few weeks/months.
I suspect we will be blown away with his final solution (he has discussed some of his idea's direct).
I knowhe is about finished the next firmware revision which will add on board averaging in the Cleverscope to get more dynamic range.
This will be good for the FFT mode.

12 May 2006
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We have changed the spec an display so now you choose the Bandwidth and Resolution. Hope this helps!
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