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28 Aug 2007
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Could you shed some light on what file to use/what happened?
On 8/21/07 (from the download tab) I downloaded and installed the update v4.615, today (8/27/07, under the resources tab) the full install shows v4.615, but now under the download tab v4.613 is listed.
(the ROM loader with update v4.615 did not work for me, it keep errroring out on XP. I used the ROM loader from the previous update v4.614 and then it loaded scope_pld 5328.bin into CAU, and I have been using it)

28 Aug 2007

It appears that the ROM Loader in version v6415 has a bug and it either crashes the download or does not download at all (in your case).
I already reported this problem to Bart (I also see another thread about the same issue) and that is the reason he removed that version from the website.
I am sure the the firmware (BIN file) is OK as long as you use the previous ROM Loader.
Luckily you did. You should be OK.
Anybody else that has downloaded v6415, do not use that ROM Loader until the issue is resolved.

30 Aug 2007
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We would like to apologize for the confusion here. We have a problem with the ROM Loader which has been devilishly difficult to find (ie it has caused a problem to 3 people, but we can't make it fault!). So some re-calibration is going on. We see no problems with either the current or previous applications or the binary. We will fix the ROM Loader as soon as we can!
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