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9 Oct 2007

Hi, We recently bought a cleverscope CS328 and I really like it! I discovered a great draw-back for my application though.
When I try to capture a quite long single event of, for example 60 secs, the duration is always limited to about 23 secs,
and the rest of the screen (23...60s) is blank.
-Is there a way to capture longer single sequences (of course with lower time resolution)?
-Can you manually set duration and reolution somehow? These are basic settings on classical DSO's

rhcarter rhcarter

17 Oct 2007
Posts: 114

Hi Magnus,
Because of the way that the signal is being processed in the acquisition unit we are limited to about 22 seconds in each frame. If 10Hz sampling is enough then you can use the Signal Information logging facility to record and view long sequences. Another option is to capture three consecutive frames of 20 seconds each (with an inter-frame gap of 20us) and then view them one after the other.

30 Oct 2007

OK, Thanks for the ""no of frames"" tip, it works!
And if I want lower resolution I just increase no. of frames and stop acquisition when the event is finished. A little more work to get the timestamps right though.

The logging facillity is also a very useful complement for my application.

Keep up the good work!
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