Switched from CS320A to CS328A

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12 Nov 2007

Hi there,

I changed my CS320A (4M, 12-Bit) which I have been using in a Labview-application, against a brandnew CS328A (8M, 14-bit).
Both devices carry the 6420-firmware. The scope is using the external trigger input.
With the CS320A it works fine, the CS328A never ever gets a trigger (no lit red led). The CS328A`s trigger-led is burning while initializing, but when the aquire-command is send, it switches off. To repeat my issue: with the CS320A the same program is working.
I am using the labview 8.0 drivers. The cleverscope-application (4621) works with external trigger.
Another issue is, that Mprog 2.3 neither recognizes the CS320A nor the CS328A, I cannot set the USB-Address. So the 4-Channel-Cleverscope-software is not working.

Any ideas?


14 Nov 2007


I'm a quite disapointed. I thought changing the scope would be easy going. But as it seems it's even impossible to use two linked scope (320A and 328A) under labview.

Update:Found out that the problem seems to be the usage of the ext. Trig.

19 Nov 2007
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Hello Danriech,
We accept your disappointment, and we have been doing something about it. There is a new update in the downloads section - v4622 that includes new firmware that allows you to use 2 linked scopes correctly (that is with the link cable between the two link sockets on the back of the acquisition unit, and the trigger input for one scope being the link input). We have tested the linking between two CS328A's, and one CS328A and one CS328. They appear to work correctly. The A version acquisition units do not need their USB addresses set (as for the CS328).

We have been having some reliability problems with the firmware post 4620 (which is reliable). After much effort, we have reverted to an earlier version of the Altera Quartus toolset (from 7.2 back to 7.0) and all our problems seem to have gone away. If you have any reliability issues with firmware 6.424, please let us know.

In order to maximize reliability with multiple units attached, we strongly suggest that you update the USB driver. You will find instructions on doing this in the pdf inside the 'Cleverscope USB Driver' sub directory in the update.

Now there are also another couple of issues, which you may not be aware of. Our memory system stores 32 bits per combined sample. With a 10 bit digitizer, we used 20 bits for signal, 8 bits for digital, 1 bit for external trigger, 1 bit for link input, and two bits for thresholded A and B channels, for a total of 32 bits. The digital graph can show digital inputs 1-8, and the external trigger.

For the 12 bit digitizer, we used 24 bits for signal, and 8 bits for digital inputs. The external trigger is not saved to memory. However, the external trigger can still be used for triggering.

For the 14 bit digitizer, we used 28 bits for signal, and 4 bits for digital inputs. The external trigger, and digital inputs 5-8 are not saved to memory, but can still be used for triggering. If you need to save the digital inputs, you will need to temporarily reduce the digitizer resolution to 12 bits, using the Settings/Acquisition Settings dialog.

We hope this helps.

22 Nov 2007

Thank You very much,

everything is nice now...
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