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14 Dec 2007

My workflow:
1) Record a waveform (-1 seconds to 15 seconds range in scope graph)
2) Open mathgraph using a bessel-filter (7Hz lowpass), data from scope (Math source) --> Correct display (timeshifted, but that is an other issue)
3) Get full frame from scope
4) Save file (example.apc)
5) Open file (example.apc)
6) Open mathgraph with same settings --> Uses a smaller samplerate (50Hz instead of 100MHz) --> Incorrect display, as my signal is pulsed with 270Hz

I think it shoud work with math source = ""Full Buffer"", but that does not work at all. The only possiblity is to use Tracking Graph as math source, but only if I examine a shorted period.

Can I somehow use the full buffer (= all samples in the file) for math source. As I think this should work with ""Full Buffer"", could you fix this BUG asap?

I already recorded a lot with this error (as I thought the results from the math graph are correct) and will get big problems because of this wrong results. Thanks for that.

Another issue: When will the rolling graph feature be implemented?
rhcarter rhcarter

20 Dec 2007
Posts: 112

Hi Brazda,
This is not a bug but a perhaps a design oversight in that only the scope graph is used in the maths calculation. We have it on our development schedule to add the full frame option.

In the meantime the best solution would be to open your data files in excel and use excel tools to analyse the whole frame.

The rolling graph is still on the schedule and will be released in 2008. We will let you know as soon as it is available.


1 Sep 2008

2008 is almost over (since I am sure that you still need some time), so when will you implement a rolling graph and the full frame feature for math-graph? I started requesting the rolling graph middle 2007, so if you will never implement it, just say it so I do not need to wait.
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