AutoSet in LabVIEW 7.1

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19 Feb 2008

I would like an AutoSet build in the "Simple Scope Example" in LabVIEW 7.1 which are available from CleverScope CS320. I also found some drivers which have to do with the AutoSet but I am not sure how to handle them. Has someone an idea how I could include an AutoSet in the "Simple Scope Example" or is there maybe already an AutoSet function somewhere in that example ? I am new to CleverScope and also to LabVIEW. I need for that reason a little more detailed description if possible

18 Mar 2008
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Hi, the simple scope example was trying to be simple! The autoset is actually buried in the driver, and we could expose a command to use it (some people have already worked out how to do calibration, which is also in the driver!). So the question is:
Is it useful to expose a command to do autoset (and calibration)?
Currently these are both iterative processes, so there is a need for the programmer to keep an eye on progress (and report as necessary), and give up if things are not progressing well.
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