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17 Aug 2006

I have two questions, the first is: What is the current (mA?) rms and peak output capability of the signal generator?
Second question: When you 'press' the get buffer button, where is this located in the pc?, what is the extension of the file?

You have always responded with A1 service in regards to your e-mail responces, but I have asked these questions several times over the last month with no response, is there a problem with the e-mail? This was why I registered in the forum.

Thanks for the upgrades!!

20 Aug 2006
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hello duieng,
The signal generator has a 50 ohm output impedance. Maximum output is +/-4V, or 8V p-p. Thus maximum current is around 80 mA into a short.

When you press 'Get Buffer' the sample set (100,50,20,10,2%) is transferred into PC memory. To save it to a file you need to do 'Save As', or 'Save as text'. The whole sample set will be saved. If you save it as native format, the extension is .apc. If you save it as text it is .txt. You get to choose where to save it using the standard File Dialog.

We have not received any emails from you that we know of. However, we get such a volume of spam that we have strengthened our spam filters. We will only accept emails with plain text in them (all HTML only emails are deleted). We also do not accept emails in languages other than English. Finally if your email address is Hotmail or Yahoo sourced it goes into a holding directory for us to look at. We get literally hundreds of messages from these addresses each day, so you need to be patient, as we work our way through them.

You are very welcome to the upgrades.
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