Area Under Curve Measurement

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20 Nov 2007
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You can measure the area under a curve using the integral process in the Maths Equation builder.

Open the Maths equation builder, and type 'a' in the function, set the process to Integral, and set the destination to 'a.' Click on 'Apply Equations'. Open the Maths window. The window will show the time integral of the 'a' channel. If this is a very short period (eg a few microseconds), the integral will be correspondingly small (eg an integral of 1V over 1us will yield 1Vus). If you want the numbers to be bigger, you could pre-multiply channel 'a' by an appropriate factor in the equation builder - eg a*1000000, if working in us.


29 Apr 2008
Posts: 73

We now have an article available on the resource page - called "Integration and filtering" that will give you a step by step guide on this process.
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