How To Get 20ms Of Capture

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28 Mar 2008

How do I get 20ms duration. I have reduced the number of frames to 2, and get just 10ms of data, not 20ms as expected, according to your earlier suggestion. For 3 and 4 frames I also get 10ms but it reduces to 8.1ms for 5 frames. s there any other "trick" to increasing the sample duration or have I misunderstood something. Many thanks.
rhcarter rhcarter

2 Apr 2008
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You should have 20ms of capture at 10ns resolution. The storage is 40ms in total so the expected span for full resolution is 40/Time. So 3 frames will be about 13ms and 5 would be 8ms.

Can you save your setup (File|SaveAs) and email it to me. I should be able to identify the issue from that. Can you include in the email the versions of software and firmware you have - found in Help|About.

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You need to set the width of the view to 20ms to capture it. Any less and you will capture a maximum of 10ms and any wider and the sample interval will increase.

Dragging the graph out will increase the time sample, not show you more detail of the current sample.

Roger Carter
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