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13 May 2008
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Hello Bart,

we use our Cleverscopes more than one year very successfully. But I also have one item for the wishing list.

Changing the time base, the Scope Graph is always zoomed in the middle of the graph. I think it's useful to zoom (in or out) the trigger point, may be as an option.
This would be helpful if the time before trigger is not used.

Best regards

30 May 2008
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Hello eckart,
The zoom does always work the centre of the screen, as you say, with one exception. If you locate the tracer on the trigger point, and then use the keyboard controls (Cntrl Left/Right arrow) you will zoom on the tracer point, not on the centre of the screen. Also you can click the 'Set horizontal centre to zero' button, (which is always the trigger), and then zoom after that to zoom on the trigger.

Thanks for your nice comment.



31 Aug 2013
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The suggestion above, about zooming around the tracer location with Ctrl left/right arrow, does not work with app version 4.672

That is unfortunate because I find that zooming around the centre point is virtually always the wrong choice. Pre-trigger information is much less useful than post-trigger information in most cases, so I position the trigger near the left of the screen. Then when I zoom, that careful positioning gets lost.

As a long-time CS user, I consider this the worst misfeature of the UI.

1 Sep 2013
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Hello wmb,
I just checked this in 4672 (and 4673), and it seems to work fine about zooming on the current tracer position. You are right in that the zoom point then moves to the centre of the graph. So say you had 4000 us off to the right of the graph, and you moved the tracer to 4000 us, then when you zoom in, the centre of the graph becomes 4000 us. I guess you are saying you would like the zoom point to stay where it is relative to the time axis as you zoom. I guess we did it the way we did, because if you are interested in something it is usually around the point you are zooming on, and by moving the zoom point to the centre of the screen you maximize the information about the zoom point.

All the same, you can place your tracer anywhere on a graph, and then zoom in/out horizontally or vertically using the Ctrl Left/Right and Ctrl Up/Down arrow keys. This allows you to zoom on any point on the graph, even though that point then becomes the centre of the graph. Note that the tracer might move about a bit, but the zoom point will remain constant.

If enough people object to this, we can try and think about ways of giving people an option about the zoom point staying where it is, or moving to the centre.
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