Executable version (7.1.1) doesn't match resource file (7.1).

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23 May 2008

We have a problem running the CleverScope software (filedate: 21-3-2008).
Instead of starting, it gives the following error message:
""Executable version (7.1.1) doesn't match resource file (7.1).
Check your configuration.""
It is installed in a system which has LabWiev 8.5.1, and it has never had any other LabView versions installed.

24 May 2008
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Hello Per,
This is our experience with the error -

This message means you have LabView 7.1.1 loaded, whose run-time library name is the same as the LV7.1 run-time library. However there is an incompatability if the Cleverscope LV7.1 application is loaded after the LV7.1.1 installation. The only way to rectify this problem is to un-install both Cleverscope and LabView, and then re-install, first Cleverscope, and second Labview 7.1.1. Labview 7.1.1 is a relatively rare beast, and so we do not see this problem very often.

Even though you have Labview 8.5.1 installed not 7.1.1 I suggest that uninstalling and re-installing cleverscope first as suggested will solve the problem.

Roger Carter

26 May 2008

This uninstalling and re-installing solution is not an option, because it has to be done on several class-sets.
We have instead found that it runs, if we replace the file ""C:Program FilesNational InstrumentsSharedLabVIEW Run-Time7.1lvrt.dll"" with the file ""lvrt.dll.6A04F9B8_DAEE_4471_96CA_CBB8FCABF59E"" from ""data.cab"" on the Cleverscope install CD.

27 May 2008
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That is certainly a simpler solution and could work. However the application that installed the 7.1.1 runtime will not work with the 7.1 dll. At some point you may find what that application is and need to do the complete process.

To clarify, it is only the run time that is the problem and uninstalling the 7.1.1 runtime, installing 7.1 and then re-installing the 7.1.1 ensures that both work. NI can not tell us why a 7.1 application will not work dirrectly with the 7.1.1 but it does not and we have not seen a big demand for resolving it.

Thanks for your suggestion; we will suggest it to others who come across this problem.

Roger Carter

27 May 2008

We have found another solution which is explained here:
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