Cleverscope killed by Firmware update?

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3 Jul 2008

I just tried to update the Firmware with the ROM loader to 6431.
The Update-Process was successfully finished (100% and a green Indicatior). After closing the Programmer and turning of the Power, Cleverscope doesn't startup anymore.

When reconnecting Cleverscope to Power, the Trigger LED is lit, the Power LED is glowing slightly and thats about it. My PC doesn't find the Cleverscope anymore and the Cleverscope SW gives the hint, that there is a Problem with the USB-Port (Error 5102).

Is there any Possibility, to reactivate the old firmware? Or do I need to send the Scope to service?

Greez, Silvester.

4 Jul 2008
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Hello Silvester,
We have sent you a reply by email. We are concerned that you may have used an old copy of the ROM Loader to load 6431 into a CS328 (serial number <4000). If you do this, the cleverscope will break. Please use the ROM Loader that comes in the update, which stops you from doing this. There are two possibilities for fixing this: either you send the unit back to us, we reprogram and send it straight back (instructions are in the email), or you use an Altera USB Blaster or ByteBlaster to reprogram the unit. We will send you instructions on how to do it. We have not had any programming failures now for a very long time.

Regards, bart

20 Feb 2009

Hi Bart

I have the same problem in that the cleverscope just stopped working. The power light doesnot come on again. Only the trigger light dims faintly when the scope is powered up. How do I go about fixing this?


22 Feb 2009
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Hello Nishen
We shall send you an email to find out more details. Suffice it to say we don't expect this sort of problem.
I suggest to anybody that has a problem, please email us on to get the fastest possible help. It is useful to include the serial number (it tells us what sort of Cleverscope it is, when it was produced, and can help us to identify what software it was originally loaded with). Also please include any details of what happened at the time (eg upgrading, just turned the unit on, connected a ground probe to power etc), and what firmware version you were using (if you know).

Also we need to clarify a couple of things:
1. The binary for the CS328/CS320 (serial number less than 4000) starts with 53xx and is NOT compatible with the binary for the CS328A/CS320A (serial numbers greater than 4000), which starts with 64xx. Please do NOT force a load of the wrong software, as it will break the unit.
2. We have done a large upgrade from version 6434 on, and we now program with a .csf file (and NOT the binary file). The .csf file includes firmware for both the FPGA, and also the Cypress USB chip we use. The firmware set must match, and for that reason we longer publish the .bin file. If you have upgraded using a .csf file, please do not load an older .bin file back into the Cleverscope.

If you do load a version 64xx bin file into a 53xx cleverscope recovery has to be done using a Jtag programming cable. We can provide full instructions. If you do not have access to a Jtag cable (the Altera USB or Byte blaster cables are most suitable), you will need to return the unit to us, or to Saelig in the USA, or Meilhaus in Germany.

If you load an older 64xx binary into a .csf programmed CS328A, you can recover using a special version of Rom Loader. Please email us in this case.
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