Trigger 2 stopped working

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5 Jul 2008
Posts: 22

Today, I repeated a measurement, last time performed a few firmware
upgrades before, which needs the 2nd trigger but I noticed that all
""trigger 2"" functionality stopped working.

I am using a CS328 (non A) unit, powered by firmware 5331 and app 4.628.
If it matters: My scope is also equipped with a CS700.

trig < min
min < trig < max
trig > max
=> these three _always_ trigger like ""none"" (at trigger 1 settings)

count 1
count 2
=> these two _never_ trigger

No matter what values are entered in min/max/count or trigger-2-window,
no matter what waveform is present.
The behaviour does not change in any way.


Just to be annoying: Remember the Log, Bart ;-)
We really need that logarithmic frequency increment thingy.

9 Jul 2008
Posts: 477

Hello Axel,
Amazing - you are absolutely right! We killed it with 5331. Version 5330 works correctly. I shall email you the binary. We will fix it.

11 Jul 2008
Posts: 22

Thank you very much!

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